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Strategic and Security Consultancy
Strategically, with a strong framework of highly capable and expert security consultants, Ace Pacific Group provides a 360 degree approach for IT consultancy. We possess both the right resources and the best in this field to be the trusted advisor among our clients, not only locally but widely in Asiapac region.
Each solution is catered to comply with industry's security standards and regulations, with best practices and integration with current infrastructure/security setup, thus ensuring ease and peace of mind among our clients.
Professional Services
With the finest in their fields, our wide array of professional services encompasses training programs from user awareness training to technical-based knowledge transfers. To stay productive and operational, countering security issues and breaches should be viewed as a continous business process, and definitely a part of your IT tech support.
Engage with us, and trust that we can manage and maintain your IT security with flying colors.
Support Services
Crafted to your specifications, our support services offers you flexibility as they can be carried out remotely or onsite. We work with our Support Team closely to ensure customer satisfactions. With quick, accurate real-time response, case escalation has never been better and easier.
Support Services we offer:
Telephone and Email Support
Partners and customers may contact our support team through phone or email during office hours (8x5). If required, they can subscribe to 24x7 support for enhanced and around the clock coverage.
Onsite Support
We offer 8x5 or 24x7 for some issues which can't be resolved via phone, mail or remote services, or those need to be attended to physically for diagnostic and remedy.
Advanced Replacement
Issues often comes from hardware failures, and hardware either need to be changed or repaired. To support operation and business continuity, we offer 8x5 or 24x7 loaner units to temporarily replace the faulty ones.


Email Support: [email protected] Support Hotline: 6100 9112


  • Fidelis Cybersecurity -06
  • ESET -07
  • SSH Communications Security -15
  • ERPScan - 05
  • Banff Cyber -02
  • Acunetix -01
  • Penta -16
  • Ultra Electronics AEP -17
  • SOTI -14
  • Qualys -11
  • Lastline - 09
  • Resolve -56
  • Cyglass
  • CloudFlare - 04
  • Security Innovation -12
  • BeyondTrust - 03
  • Lucent Sky -10
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