Soliton At CIO Summit 2017

The need for organisations to transform and evolve is well documented; whether it is to keep up or ahead of their competitors, attract or retain customers, reduce costs or simply remain relevant in this ever-changing environment. At the core of this change lies Disruption. Transformation may be the effect, but disruption is the cause — external, from customers and competitors and internal, from changing requirements of employees and the boardroom. With this in mind, the theme for the CIO Conference 2017 is Digital Disruption: Unleashing the Next Wave of Transformation.

Thanks ENM for hosting for this event.
Round-table discussion among CIOs.
Soliton's team in discussion pertaining cyber  security issues.
Together with ACE Pacific, our partner Soliton's booth-  all up and ready for the exhibition.
Amit from Soliton pitching his MDM piece.
Shwetank from Soliton having his interview with IDC folks.




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