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Company Description

Penta Security is an information technology (IT) security firm headquartered in Seoul, Korea. Penta Security offers web application security, database security and single sign-on solutions. Founded on its data encryption technology, the company is the market share leader in APAC region and is constantly working to ensure the safety of its customers behind the scene  in a holistic approach.


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Product Description


Web Application Firewall (WAF) detects and blocks the attacks to a website and prevents manipulation of websites. In addition, it protects assets by preventing information leakage through web attacks.

First, if a web application is developed in a secure way, the web application firewall is unnecessary. However, development of a web application with perfect security is near impossible. It is very difficult to establish a security system that can properly cope with growing web security threats. In some cases, the effort to ensure security is harder than developing the web application. As such, web security is complicated and difficult.

In addition, as the web service system gets more complex, the web application gets larger and more complex. Even if development is based on a careful security plan, it is impossible to forecast every situation. It is difficult to modify and maintain the application and respond to the situation. Most of all, the size of the web application is too large to cover with a single security policy.

The financial necessity in the field leads to the emergence of time-cost saving methods, more manageable security policies, and the Internet firewall.


WAPPLES - The logical web application firewall for customers.

The unique intelligent security engine (COCEP) of WAPPLES can block even unknown attacks, and provide accurate detection with low false positive rates. With all of its security features, it provides the best performance. With easy security settings and operational convenience, WAPPLES leads the popularization of the web application firewall with a broad range of customers.

WAPPLES, as a web application firewall, copes against key web attacks, including SQL Injection, to maintain the security of the environment

  • As an information leakage protection solution, it can satisfy compliance issues, including the privacy protection act
  • As an illegal login prevention solution, it can prevent unauthorized logins through access control, ensuring security of network and data
  • As a website forgery and manipulation prevention solution, it can cope with these types of attacks to websites and DBs, ensuring security


  • Installed with the logic detection engine (COCEP)
  • Provides a policy-based security setting 
  • Prevents leakage of personal information
  • Policy-based setting
  • Convenient dashboard-based feature
  • Simple and easy security settings with GUI-based setup wizard 
  • Searches logs by period/source/URI/country
  • Sends logs in an Excel format and supports back up/detection/recovery of logs
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Introducing Cloudbric Business Edition

  • Cloudbric Business Edition offers large enterprises the ability to integrate their own virtual servers and infrastructure with Penta Security Systems’ Web Application Firewall, WAPPLES technology to create their very own cloud environment.
  • Deploy in a public and/or private cloud to protect sensitive data and applications in a cloud environment
  • Protect incoming traffic to the web server and allows legitimate traffic to pass
  • Resolve security concerns and privacy worries of cloud providers and their customers  




Service Features:

Easy to Deploy
Provide's services and architecture specific to users' needs in the form of a public cloud or private cloud.

Easy to Use 
Easy and convenient navigation due to it's GUI based management tool.

Easy to Manage
Cloud service providers with multiple accounts can easily monitor and analyze an entire website's traffic in a single dashboard.


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