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Company Description

Soliton Systems K.K. is an IT company with a global presence, bolstered by its offices located in strategic locations globally. They specialise in a wide range of products, covering IT Security, IT Integration & Real Time Video Telecasting System.


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Products Overview


Soliton Systems K.K. carries a variety of products:


Network Security:

  • NetAttest EPS - Comprehensive Network Access Control (NAC), Private Certificate Authority, One-Time Password or 2FA
  • NetAttest D3 - DNS, DHCP, Dynamic DNS 
  • NetAttest LAP - Comprehensive Network Access Control (NAC)
Mobile and Telework:
  • Soliton SecureBrowser & SecureGateway - Secure Web Application Access
  • Soliton SecureContainer - Secure Mobile Partition
  • Soliton DME - Enterprise Mobility Management Suite
Endpoint  Security:
  • InfoTrace Mark II - Next Generation Endpoint Security with User Behaviour Analysis
Data Management:
  • FileZen - Secure File Sharing and Collaboration
  • Smart eGate - Single Sign On (SSO) Solution
Product Description


Network Security products carried by Soliton includes the NetAttest Family products.

A comparison table for the NetAttest products:


NetAttest EPS

NetAttest D3

NetAttest LAP

Type of Device

PC, Smart Devices

PC, Smart Devices

IT Devices


Network Authentication


LAN Access Protection


Authentication server to allow only authorised users to connect to corporate LAN

Integrated Management System with many configurable settings

Manage device access control to the corporate LAN


Private Digital Certificate functionalities

Server redundancy via Active/Standby

Meet security objectives and compliance requirements


One Time Password support

DHCP NAP Server for access control with MAC address filtering




Product Description


Mobile & Telework products carried by Soliton include the SecureBrowser and SecureGateway, as well as the SecureContainer products.

The SecureBrowser and SecureGateway provide users with secure access to corporate web-based applications, with the added data protection such that data will not be leaked outside of the sandboxed browser. They provide the following featues & benefits:

  • Compatibility with the common operating systems for devices (Windows, iOS, Android)
  • Strong device authentication with digital certificate and user authentication, blocking access from unauthorised device



The SecureContainer is in essence a more comprehensive form of this, in that it isolates the complete corporate area of the phone from the personal area. It provides the following featues & benefits:

  • Encrypts data, isolates corporate area on the phone
  • High level of utility - useable even in an offline environment
  • Compatible with Exchange, Office365, Notes/Domino


Product Description


Data Management encompasses the FileZen and the Smart eGate.

FileZen is an easy-to-use on-premise secure Managed File Transfer appliance. It it easily configurable on the web GUI without any special IT knowledge. The table below shows the comparison of FileZen versus the current file sharing method.



A more detailed description of the security features is as follows:

  • File transfer logging for both upload and download
  • Permission control for file downloading via passwords to prevent unauthorised access
  • ID/Password and digital certificate system to provide user authentication
  • Controls in place to authorise both uploading and downloading
  • Virus checking system via BitDefender


The Smart eGate is a Single Sign On gateway which requires no agent or reverse proxy. A few features & benefits are as follows:

  • Usually works as a transparent proxy
  • Convenient and easily managed
  • Compatible with SecureGateway for a more complete solution
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