Barracuda/Extreme Networks Workshop
The Barracuda/Extreme Networks Workshop about Secure Network and Productivity was held on the 21st of April 2016.
Targeted at IT Managers, Network Engineers, Decision Makers and Influencers, the presentation covered the following topics:
  1. How Barracuda/Extreme Networks can ensure continuous network connection & productivity
  2. How to manage your firewall easily and seamlessly via Wi-Fi connection
The presentation was followed by a tea break-cum-networking session during which the attendees were able to connect with Barracuda/Extreme Networks to get started. 
Moreover, this solution which covers both security and performance is also eligible under the Productivity and Innovation (PIC) Scheme. This means that it is possible to maximise, avail and implement at no cost.
Key speakers for the event included:
  1. Ng Kim Pin - Extreme Networks Regional Networking Consultant
  2. Jia Hei - Solutions Consultant of Barracuda



Welcome to the room which our workshop was held in.
Everyone is listening attentively to what the speaker, Mr Jia Hei, has to say.
Oh look, someone has a question! Have no fear, Mr Jia Hei has it under control.  
Mr Ng Kim Pin, Extreme Networks Regional Networking Consultant, polling users on their plans for 802.11ac implementation.





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