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Company Description

Lucent Sky designs application security and performance software, such as Lucent Sky AVM. They focus on making application security simple, integral and manageable. Lucent Sky AVM is an application vulnerability mitigation system. With just a few mouse clicks, Lucent Sky AVM will go through an application's source code, find and fix problems that hackers can exploit, and then deliver the secured source code back to the user for deployment.


Product Description


Lucent Sky AVM is a ground-breaking technology that allows developers to automatically remediate known security vulnerabilities in .NET, Android, iOS, Java and PHP applications. Lucent Sky AVM makes DevOps security efficient, actionable and scalable for everyone. It identifies vulnerabilities and their context in source code and binary files via multi-stage hybrid analysis, then use proprietary mitigation algorithms to generates "Instant Fixes", source code replacements that remediate vulnerabilities. Instant Fixes can be reviewed individually before inserted to source code. They can also be applied in-bulk so applications can be sent to testing and deployment right away.


Features & Benefits:
  • The only solution that provides automatic source code mitigation, or Instant Fixes, to common security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross-site scripting and privacy violations
  • Releases monthly updates to support new frameworks and the latest technology stacks you are using
  • Includes industry-standard security libraries such as ESAPI and WPL, as well as customizable security libraries
  • Built for use by application developers and security experts alike
  • Tightly integrates with your software development lifecycle - efficiently secure applications without changing your current workflow or development tools



Video: Lucent Sky AVM web UI demo (.NET)



Video: Lucent Sky AVM Visual Studio Extension


Lucent Sky's Blog:
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