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Company Description
Banff Cyber is an innovative and dynamic Cyber Security company that designs secure solutions to help organisation deal with cyber attacks. They are the champion in web defacement solution. Their list of customers came from a wide range of industries including financial, telecom, government, research and many of them are Forbes Global 2000 customers.


Product Description


WebOrion Defacement Monitor is an unrivalled monitoring technology which ensures web reputation and brand protection. It comes in various deployment options to suit various customer needs including SaaS Subscription based, On-Premise Appliance or Service Provider Model:



The WebOrion Defacement Monitor also leverages on the innovative combination of 3 analytic engines to provide the most powerful and granular solution in the industry:

Content Analytics:
  • Webpage elements are analyzed and based-line for its contents.
  • Involves counting the number of href, links, images, scripts, style sheets, iframe, etc for the most granular effect. 
Integrity Analytics:
  • Automatically do integrity checks on the elements that affect the look and feel of the website. 
  • Include checks on internal and external javascript, style sheets, images, etc; detect unauthorised changes on the names or details of these components. 
Image Analytics:
  • One-of-a-kind patent pending which requires no HTML knowledge and is extremely user-friendly. 
  • URL to be monitored is rendered to an image and subscriber can then select important regions to be monitored via pixel-by-pixel analysis.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powerful mix of 3 analytic engines - Customisable to suit your websites
  • Unique intelligent base lining - Automatically differentiates dynamic and static parts of your website
  • Agentless and remote monitoring - Can be used to monitor shared or externally hosted websites
  • Ideal for dynamic corporate websites - Even those with daily changes
  • Near real time alerting - 24 x 7 automated polling and alerting via email, sms, snmptraps or syslog
  • Platform independent - Can work with websites using CMS such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc.


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Product Description


WebOrion Restorer is an on-site appliance deployed in your organisation's network. It is best deployed in conjunction with a Load Balancer or in-line to your webserver. Once it is installed, it works as follows:
  • Crawl - On day one, will crawl your website and identify all the pages to be replicated.
  • Copy - After the crawl, it starts a copying process where it replicates all the pages.
  • Create - It then strips off all the vulnerabilities and creates a secure replica of the original website.
  • Control - In inline mode, it will allow traffic to flow to the web server in a normal scenario. In the event of a defacement, traffic will be redirected to the Restorer with the secure replica.
  • Commission - The Restorer will be commissioned to serve out the replicated webpages to preserve the organization's Web Reputation in the event of a defacement.
Features & Benefits:
  • Easy and automated restoration - Restoration can be triggered automatically upon detection or through 1-click intervention.
  • Reduced reliance on platform and architecture - Works on both Unix and Windows environments, as well as any type of CMS.
  • Intelligently creates Secure Replica - A Secure Replica of the website is created on Day 1 that strips off security vulnerabilities, yet preserves most of the look and feel of the original website.

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