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Product Description

About Axway

Axway, a market leader in governing the flow of data, is a global software and services company with more than 11,000 public- and private-sector customers in 100 countries. For more than a decade, Axway has empowered the world’s top organizations with proven solutions that help manage business-critical interactions through the exchange of data flowing across the enterprise, B2B communities, the cloud and mobile devices.


Axway Cloud B2B Service

Rapidly connect to your B2B partner community with low up-front investment

Axway Cloud B2B Service offers easy-to-deploy, subscription-based Axway product configurations that enable you to quickly and easily connect your on-premise systems to your partner network. Using a state-of-the-art virtual platform, Axway provides cloud-based infrastructure, secure private cloud applications, integration with enterprise applications, and advanced community management — everything you need to securely onboard, manage and interact with your B2B community in the cloud.

With Axway Cloud B2B Service, you can offer a unique combination of visibility, agility, security, data exchange and integration services to your organization and your entire trading community. Standard cloud-based configurations of core Axway products provide complete, repeatable and rapidly deployable solutions for:

  • Business-to-Business (B2B) communication, file exchange and interaction, including automating and integrating supply or value chain activities.
  • Integration and orchestration of end-to-end enterprise application data exchanges, both within and outside your organization.

Axway Cloud B2B Service can be powered by either Axway’s industry-leading B2Bi engine, or by Axway TSIM – providing specialized capabilities for the automotive industry.

To meet your specific business requirements and maximize the value of your business community, Axway provides all of the services you need to manage the infrastructure, configure applications, and monitor the system to keep it running optimally. Axway services include:

  • On-boarding: Axway provisioning services automate the deployment and configuration of endpoints.
  • Migration from legacy systems: Translation and mapping of any-to-any protocols streamline migration from legacy systems.
  • Complete managed services: By offloading the entire process to Axway, you can reduce software management costs, improve operational efficiency, and focus on your core business.

Axway Cloud B2B Service enables secure B2B interaction and file transfer in a massively scalable, highly flexible cloud environment that:

  • Dramatically speeds time-to-value — Deploy a complete B2B solution in hours instead of weeks, and free your organization from complex, time-consuming IT functions. The software is already installed, configured and up and running in the cloud, so you can begin using it immediately.
  • Reduces up-front investment with no new infrastructure required — Simple, subscription-based pricing shifts costs from CAPEX to OPEX; reduced complexity, overhead and need for specialized network skills lowers TCO; and advanced, verifiable disaster recovery eliminates the need for dedicated DR assets.
  • Scales automatically to meet peak loads — Elastic auto-scaling infrastructure automatically increases capacity during demand spikes to maintain performance, and decreases capacity during demand lulls to minimize costs — you only pay for what you need.
  • Increases flexibility, visibility and control compared to VANs — Axway Cloud B2B Service packages offer extensive reporting, alerting and monitoring capabilities; support for a wide range of protocols and B2B formats; and simple, predictable pricing based on the number of partners/connections in your community.

Axway Cloud B2B Service integrates seamlessly with Axway Community Management (ACM), opening up new opportunities for networked collaboration and interaction in the cloud. ACM reduces on-boarding time and expense by streamlining communications with partners, managing enrollment workflows and automating profile provisioning to backend systems.

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Axway Community Management(ACM)

For years, social networks have been spurring growth, fostering member-to-member interaction and simplifying community management by continuously evolving how they attract members, provision technical connections, and enforce agreed-upon rules of engagement. Built on and delivered securely in the cloud, Axway Community Management (ACM) is a subscription-based service that introduces this level of innovation to business interaction networks.

ACM extends traditional on-premise infrastructures and hub-and-spoke models with support for a new, cloud-based paradigm for community management and collaboration. By providing everything you need to design, automate, and monitor community management workflows in a hybrid cloud/on-premise environment, ACM closes the gap between business relationship management and technical connectivity, so partners can quickly join and begin interacting with your trading community in a whole new way.

ACM makes it easy to customize and manage workflow for on-boarding and managing partner trading profile information through automated communications, approvals and provisioning. Once you have designed and configured your workflows, the rest is automatic. Simply press a button to start the workflow and begin sending out messages, collecting information and bringing your partners on board.

A single email outreach can automate the on-boarding pro3cess for hundreds, or even thousands, of partners. For day-to-day activities, you can design your own standard enrollment process or processes; and as new partners ask to join, simply initiate the enrollment workflow that is appropriate for them. ACM takes care of the rest.

You receive real-time information at every stage in the workflow process, including how many partners have responded, how many need help and how many have successfully completed the process.

ACM’s trading partner profile master data management system helps you keep partner profile data up-to-date by running automated data-refresh outreaches allowing partners to update their contact and communication information including technical preferences, capabilities and more.

You can also federate partner profile data out to other relevant systems, ensuring that back-office systems contain relevant, up-to-date information about your community members.

ACM integrates with multiple Axway gateways, as well as with third-party solutions such as SAP. You can also configure files for export into any third-party system in order to create or update partner profile information in those systems. Integration options are flexible and open – you can configure ACM to gather and use information however you choose, across your entire organization.

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Axway Interchange

Axway Interchange is a high-performance and highly scalable gateway built on an open, Java-based architecture. Designed for event-driven and real-time communications and file exchange, Interchange enables you to use the Internet to establish an online trading community that reliably and securely connects your enterprise with all of your suppliers, partners, distributors, banks, and service providers across private or public marketplaces of any size.

With Interchange, you and your partners have the freedom to choose the best combination of standards and formats – including a wide range of B2B messaging protocols such as EDIINT AS2, ebXML ebMS, OFTP, and managed file transfer with PeSIT support – for your respective environments, applications and business processes. This capability translates into a powerful B2B Gateway that will always be flexible and adaptable enough to accommodate the needs and preferences of your current and future trading partners, while at the same time leveraging your existing investments and processes.

Especially well suited for simplifying B2B communities requiring enriched standards such as EDIINT (AS1, AS2 and AS3), ebXML ebMS, OFTP, Web Services and RosettaNet RNIF, Axway Interchange provides a secure, scalable and easy-to-manage B2B gateway that can extend your business processes beyond your four walls.

Comprehensive B2B communications

  • Consolidate management of all B2B messaging protocols, file transfers and Web services – all in one place.
  • Automate the flow of information for all types of B2B interactions and dynamically route communications based on content, context and partner roles.
  • Leverage a wide range of application integration protocols to integrate B2B business transactions with existing business applications.


  • Administrative home page provides high-level portal view into all facets of administration.
  • Technical dashboards deliver visibility into B2B transmissions and service levels.
  • Axway Sentinel dashboards and monitoring provide advanced KPI and SLA monitoring, comprehensive business event monitoring, proactive notifications and more.

Industry-leading security and compliance

  • Multiple security measures include transparent message and file encryption, secured connections, authenticated partner access, data integrity checks, password policies and non-repudiation of origin and receipt using signed digital receipts.
  • Data is secured in transit, in the DMZ and at rest on the server, regardless of the underlying transport network.
  • IP address white -listing allows only exchanges from approved organizations to flow through.
  • Strong audit trails protect against legal liability and demonstrate compliance with current and emerging regulations and standards.

Flexible partner management and deployment

  • Wizard-driven configuration simplifies all aspects of partner on-boarding and certificate management.
  • Axway Endpoints quickly establish last-mile connections with your trading community.
  • Automatic profile synchronization ensures that information is always up-to-date between you and your trading partners.

Reliability and performance

  • Tuning capabilities and real-time load sharing optimize the processing of transactions within your system to accommodate peak volumes and steady-stream processing across multiple servers or CPUs.
  • Near real-time document exchange (as opposed to batch or once daily) speeds the pace of business.
  • There are no limits on document size.

Integration and interoperability

  • For all standard B2B document structures, Interchange enables content-based routing, including user-friendly configuration and subsequent audit of transactions that leverage document header content.
  • For flexible application integration, Interchange supports AxwayTransfer CFT, as well as a large set of middleware options such as JMS, WebSphere MQ, and Web Services to connect to a wide range of applications.
  • Axway Interchange integrates fully with Axway Transfer CFT, a non-intrusive multi-platform file transfer controller designed for large and growing organizations that need to maintain business agility. Axway Transfer CFT supports the PeSIT protocol, and when used with Axway Interchange creates a highly secure, automated communication gateway for partners that use PeSIT. Also works for A2A PeSIT exchanges, handling flows between applications.

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Axway SecureTranspot

Axway SecureTransport is a multi-protocol Managed File Transfer (MFT) gateway solution that enables organizations to secure, manage, and track the transfer of files inside and outside the enterprise firewall. In support of both mission-critical business processes and ad hoc human transactions, SecureTransport is designed to handle everything – from high-volume automated file transfers between systems, sites, lines of business and external partners, to user-driven ad-hoc communications, to portal-based file exchange – with unmatched reliability and performance.

Serving as an MFT gateway, SecureTransport can:

  • Accelerate and manage movement of files (push or pull)
  • Host files in secure mailboxes or folders
  • Push data to trading partners in real time
  • Support ultra-high-end shared service bureaus to meet the demands of multiple business units and organizations in one scalable infrastructure
  • Provide a configurable workflow for flexible and dynamic file handling and routing

SecureTransport’s user-friendly governance and configuration capabilities – including delegated administration and pre-defined, configurable workflows – make it a secure, easy-to-implement, easy-to-use alternative to high-maintenance proprietary file transfer software, standard MFT gateways, and costly VANs and VPNs.

SecureTransport can accommodate the full gamut of corporate, business unit, user, application, system and trading community requirements, including:

  • Multi-site integration — Move files between systems across sites, such as corporate-to-store or bank-to-branch, and transparently address issues associated with multi-regional file transfers and interactions, such as lack of visibility, integrity and control of critical data.
  • B2B processes — Manage and secure multi-enterprise business processes with partners, suppliers, customers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies. SecureTransport extends security, visibility and control beyond the enterprise firewall to include all parties involved in your interactions.
  • Application integration — Move files between internal systems using standardized methods and tools in a peer-to-peer or hub-and-spoke model. Application integration is simplified with a robust infrastructure that reduces configuration time and cost, and ongoing operational costs.
  • Portal-based file transfer – Integrate SecureTransport with existing portals to provide audit and security features for file uploads and downloads.
  • Ad hoc human communications — Enable secure and auditable unplanned file transfer via Lotus Notes or Outlook (plug-ins required), or Web-based interface (included). SecureTransport creates a valuable two-way communication channel with the personalization and interactivity of email, and the policies, security and control of managed file transfer.

Much more than a typical MFT gateway, SecureTransport offers ultra-high-end MFT functionality that can ensure business continuity, support shared services, and accommodate extremely high volumes and peak loads.

  • Standard Clustering enables active/active and active/passive deployments, providing efficiency and a low total cost of ownership for organizations that need both redundancy and scalability.
  • Large Enterprise Clustering goes beyond standard clustering, enabling organizations to leverage an external database to scale up to 20 nodes and virtually unlimited concurrent connections.
  • File Transfer Acceleration enables high-volume transfer over high-speed networks to ensure data is delivered on time and within the SLAs established by your business.
  • Delegated Administration provides consolidation of file-transfer requirements from multiple business units, divisions or projects on one infrastructure, while allowing assignment and autonomy for managers from different business units and the appropriate security levels to protect each division.

Management and visibility

  • An intuitive graphical user interface provides visibility into all file transfer activities, with hierarchical package tracking.
  • End-to-end monitoring, reporting, alerting and KPI/SLA management ensure you’ll never miss another deadline because of a lost or corrupted file.

Security and compliance

  • SecureTransport provides end-to-end controls and audit trails for data traveling inside and outside your enterprise firewall — no matter what applications, systems, or platforms you or your trading partners have in place.
  • Automatic enforcement of security policy across all file movement activities ensures that data is secured in transit, in the DMZ (with Axway Edge), and at rest on the server, regardless of the underlying transport network.
  • Strong audit trails protect against legal liability and demonstrate compliance with industry and government mandates such as HIPAA, SOX, PCI, SEPA and GLBA.

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Axway Gateway

Trading communities can be very diverse, with partners of varying size, each trading at a different level of importance or a different level of technical sophistication. In fact, some enterprises – particularly those in financial services – may even dictate the standards over which they are willing to trade, such as, ETEBAC, EBICS, PeSIT, or SWIFTNet.

If you need to connect hundreds, if not thousands, of trading partners, Axway Gateway can help you meet these challenges with the flexibility to support a wide range of connectivity methods, and the agility to integrate new partners and technologies as your business evolves. The result is improved efficiency, visibility, and control across your entire value chain.


  • Multiple layers of protection include document encryption, secured connections, authenticated partner access, data integrity checks, and non-repudiation of origin and receipt using signed digital receipts.
  • Secure Relay provides an additional layer of protection for inbound and outbound information with secure data streaming across the DMZ.

Reliability and Performance:

  • Tuning capabilities optimize the processing of transactions within your system to accommodate peak volumes and steady stream processing.
  • Near real-time document exchange (as opposed to batch or once daily) speeds the pace of business.
  • There are no limits on document size.

Integration and Interoperability:

  • Axway Interchange is fully integrated with Axway Transfer CFT, a non-intrusive multi-platform file and message transfer controller designed for growing organizations that need to maintain business agility. Ensuring the same quality of service and a uniform interface to users and applications throughout the enterprise — regardless of the underlying platforms — Axway Transfer CFT reduces the design, implementation, and operations costs associated with increasingly complex and interdependent business processes.


  • Consolidate diverse B2B communication protocols and platforms into a unified, centralized, secure framework for better control over your operations. Gateway supports all standard protocols, including FTP, ODETTE, and EDIINT (AS1/AS2/AS3), business-level protocols such as RosettaNet and Global Data Synchronization, and protocols you may need for communication internationally, such as ebXML.
  • Axway EndPoints and Community Solutions, such as Workstation and Secure Client, establish secure, efficient, and reliable last-mile connections to members of your trading community.


  • Optional business-level dashboards deliver end-to-end visibility into POs, invoices, ASN, and SLAs, etc.; and technical dashboards for end-to-end visibility into B2B transmissions and events.

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Axway DMZ Security

The zone on your network where all external connections terminate is called the demilitarized zone (DMZ). The DMZ is the external touch point for your core business applications, business data, and file transfers. And since it is the touch point for the outside world, hackers will attempt to sabotage network security by attacking in this zone, so the servers that reside here need to know who is who, how to authenticate, and when to grant access.

Sounds obvious. But what about the data that moves through these touch points? Where does it reside? How can services in the DMZ protect the data that powers your business?

If data security and regulatory compliance are important to your organization, you need to expertly manage these capabilities with robust DMZ security. Axway’s edge solutions –SecureTransport Edge and Secure Relay – protect your data, your customers and your networks while enabling critical Managed File Transfer services between approved parties.

Axway Edge (for SecureTransport) and Axway Secure Relay (for Axway Interchange and Axway Gateway), prevent storage of sensitive information in the DMZ, adding another layer of security to data as it flows into your enterprise from the Internet and out of your enterprise through your firewall. By deploying Axway Secure Relay or Axway Edge in the DMZ, enterprises can deploy any Axway MFT gateway behind their internal firewall in a protected network, securing TCP/IP connections coming from the Internet to the gateway, and vice versa.

  • Axway Edge
    • Using Axway Edge, you can create a multi-tier file exchange infrastructure with multi-protocol managed file transfer, SSL termination, and back-end authorization that streams data across the DMZ to SecureTransport. You can deploy multiple Edge gateways in the DMZ for load balancing and performance optimization. And Axway Edge safeguards compliance with SOX, GLBA, HIPAA, and other corporate, industry, and government mandates governing the security and privacy of sensitive information.
  • Axway Secure Relay
    • Deployed with Axway Interchange and Axway Gateway, Secure Relay supports Active-Active clustering environments and is available for all TCP/IP connection types and protocols, including FTP. With Secure Relay, all TCP sessions are outbound, allowing bi-directional real time data flow with no data storage in the DMZ. Secure Relay receives all configuration setup directly from Axway Gateway, and all file transfer dialog (protocol, authentication, etc.) is handled by the gateway, avoiding any permanent or temporary storage of critical info in the DMZ, including files, configuration information (such as keys and certificates), and critical back-end processing (such as digital signing or envelope decryption).

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Axway Activator

Activator is a client/server B2B and MFT connector solution that helps enterprises quickly move collaborative B2B transactions – including EDI – to the Internet.

Activator’s robust provisioning server framework allows you to establish last-mile connections that automatically provide everything your partners, suppliers, distributors, and customers need to exchange information with you — no matter what IT infrastructure they have in place. In minutes, your trading community can leverage the pre-configured Activator file-transfer client to communicate with your enterprise hub in a secure, automated, centrally managed environment.

Axway Activator is:

  • Expandable: Connect trading partners in a single community, using the Internet protocols of your choice. As your comfort level and requirements grow, Activator can be upgraded to the Axway Interchange for even more robust community management.
  • Easy to Install: End users can download the pre-configured Activator software and install it in just minutes.
  • Easy to Use: Activator’s user interface makes it easy for all members of your B2B community to exchange files with your organization, even if they have no technical expertise. Automatic profile synchronization ensures that information transferred between you and trading partners is always up-to-date.
  • Intelligent: End-to-end tracking, reporting, and real-time alerts give you complete visibility into transaction status and volume. Additional monitoring and analysis capabilities are available for all file transfers and transactions on any platform.
  • Secure: Each transaction is encrypted at the message level, ensuring that data is secure.

Axway also offers Provisioning Services for Activator, available both as licensed software and as a hosted service. Axway Provisioning Services provides:

  • Portal-driven provisioning: A customizable Web portal offers Axway Activator downloads to your authorized trading partners, and starts the provisioning process.
  • Tailored ramping processes: Web-service implementation lets you assemble a customized ramping methodology that meets your business needs. For instance, you can pre-configure Activator software your partners will download, saving time and eliminating costly configuration errors.
  • Monitoring of the entire provisioning process: Provisioning Services provides status information for each partner, through each step of provisioning, enabling accurate, real-time campaign management.
  • Automated registration: A Web service application running at the hub processes the Activator registration in an automated manner, enabling real-time on-boarding.

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Axway Secure Client

Secure Client is Axway’s next-generation, stand-alone client. Secure Client works with Axway MFT Gateways (Axway Gateway, Axway SecureTransport and Axway Interchange), as well as standard FTP and HTTP servers, to provide advanced file-transfer functionality and security right off the shelf.

Secure Client transforms PCs into powerful download and upload managers with an incredibly easy-to-use interface. Secure Client allows end users to send and receive files with full security, MD5 data integrity checking and guaranteed, traceable delivery – even over unstable network connections or dial-up lines. All Secure Client features are available through graphical and command line interfaces.

Secure Client supports multiple protocols for making large file transfers, each with its own advantages:

  • HTTP and HTTP/S are firewall-friendly, have an easy-to-use interactive interface and boost performance through single-socket shared-server processes.
  • FTP and FTP/S offer a rich command set: mkdir/rmdir, mget/mput and rename.
    Secure Client’s user-friendly graphical interface provides a centralized dashboard for managing all file transfer activities.
  • SFTP adds flexibility and simplicity, using a single connection to the server instead of two as with FTP/S.
  • Directory browsing makes it easy for users to locate files to be uploaded, and save downloaded files wherever they choose.
  • Real-time status updates on manual transfers, automatic scheduled batch transfers and transfers initiated by application scripts allow users to monitor progress and quickly deal with problems.
  • Multiple and recursive uploads and downloads in a single session improve information exchange.
  • Automatic and manual checkpoint restart to establish and restart broken connections, and resume file transfer where the connection was lost.
  • Compatible with FTPCS, SecureTransport Client and FDX from both command line and GUI
  • SFTP compression for improved transmission times.
  • Support for native integration with Microsoft Certificate Store (X509 certificates).
  • Bandwidth throttling optimizes network resource usage out-of-the-box.

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Axway Workstation

Axway Workstation is a service-oriented client that lets you automatically establish last mile connections with your trading partners, with minimal end-user prerequisites and maximum ease of use.

Available as a zero-footprint Java Applet with a graphical user interface, or a command line batch application that enables integration with your partners’ applications, Workstation’s fast-and-easy provisioning framework means low-cost, initial software deployment and very little ongoing maintenance or training. Business users can easily move files from their stations to your hub without knowing anything about the underlying technology.

You start by centrally defining and configuring transfer services on your Web server hub, including partner settings (identifiers, addresses), protocol settings (buffer size, compression), security settings (certificates, cipher suites, proxies, firewall) and end-of-transfer scripts.

Your partners can then access your predefined transfer services to:

  • Send and receive files in client mode,
  • Execute a batch file at the end of a transfer (and optionally download the file from a URL),
  • Monitor transfer status with end-to-end acknowledgements.

Workstation’s end-user interface features business-oriented labels, tailorable transfer icons and free-form parameter labels.

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Axway Web Clients 

Axway Web Clients are simply the fastest, easiest way to exchange files with your B2B community.

Axway Web Clients are:

  • Low to no footprint: No manual installation is required because software components are deployed and updated automatically.
  • Plug-and-trade: You can immediately begin exchanging files with any trading partner who has Internet access and a Web browser. Users communicate with your hub using HTTP or HTTP/S and navigate via customized HTML screens - you have complete control over the end-user experience.
  • Easily enhanced: Simple installation of an ActiveX control in the Microsoft IE browser enables guaranteed delivery and checkpoint/restart capabilities.

Axway Web Clients include:

  • Browser Clients - file-oriented interfaces for exchanging files over secure HTTP via Axway Gateway and Axway SecureTransport. Fully customizable templates are provided.
  • Rich Internet Client - a Web 2.0-based interface for exchanging files over secure HTTP with Axway SecureTransport. This client enhances the user experience with drag-and-drop to the browser, overcomes the 2GB browser limit, and introduces MFT principles such as checkpoint/restart, pause, resume and MDN confirmation for transferred files.
  • WebEDI - a forms-based Web application that provides standard EDI business processes to external partners that do not have their own EDI infrastructure.
  • WebTrader - a browser-based interface for mailbox-based exchange of files over secure HTTP with Axway Interchange.

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Axway Transfer CFT

Axway Transfer CFT is a non-intrusive multi-platform file and message transfer controller designed for growing organizations that need to maintain business agility. Ensuring the same quality of service and a uniform interface to users and applications throughout the enterprise — regardless of the underlying platforms — Axway Transfer CFT reduces the design, implementation and operations costs associated with increasingly complex and interdependent business processes.

Axway Transfer CFT is more flexible, manageable, scalable and secure than conventional, application-based file transfer approaches. It is the only internal file transfer solution available today that provides the robust capabilities usually found only in external file transfer solutions.

Meet changing business requirements in any IT environment.

  • Lines of business (LOBs) typically focus on reaching their own objectives, and on enhancing IT performance to meet targets in a timely manner. At the same time, more and more processes must run across multiple LOBs in an organization. All of this complexity must be synchronized, with full visibility into file transfer status for all parties – and that means deploying a complete Managed File Transfer solution such as Axway Transfer CFT. For handling legacy heterogeneity, Axway Transfer CFT provides inherent data-conversion capabilities across more than 20 different platforms, from Windows to UNIX and Linux, to mainframes and the AS400.
  • Axway Transfer CFT is easier to integrate with applications than either message queuing or ESB solution, and can extend those technologies to create a more complete solution - especially for large-file transfers.
  • You can also implement different modes of event-driven data transfer. For  example, you can use Axway transfer CFT as a server to broadcast multiple files from a mainframe to distributed application, and you can also use it as a client to pull data from branch offices to corporate headquarters.
  • You can submit new transfer request from Web Services invocation, Java classes, C/Cobol APls, a command-line interface, or a web-based user interface.

Protect sensitive data

  • SSL-secured connections ensure the authentication of connected endpoints, as well as the integrity and confidentiality of exchanged data. In addition, Axway Transfer CFT can leverage S/MIME, CMS and/or PGP to encrypt and decrypt data at rest based on security policies you define. That means files are secured from the moment they are created, independent of the data communication method used for file delivery. Transfer CFT’s security pre-processing feature allows users to encrypt, digitally sign and scan messages for viruses prior to sending. And Axway Transfer CFT ensures non-repudiation through built-in cryptographic file integrity testing, user authentication, encrypted transfer and storage, and a centralized audit trail.

ImProve manageability and visibility

  • Axway Transfer CFT does a lot more than move data around securely. Business-oriented monitoring, transfer services and end-to-end configuration and control are available and adaptable for both business managers and IT staff. Axway Transfer CFT enables you to view the state of transfers, audit transfer histories in compliance with government regulations, receive alerts when a problem occurs (including non-events), and quickly act to remedy transfer issues.
  • Utilize active/active clustering to enable group of servers hosting Transfer CFT nodes to be load-balanced and secured. High availability and horizontal scalability virtually eliminate downtime, improve quality of service, and help sustain private cloud architectures.
  • Axway Transfer CFT leverages Axway Sentinel to provide visibility into real-time and/or event-based information on any node of your Transfer CFT network; and support non-event correlation, interactive dashboards and multi-channel alerts.

Leverage the benefit of highly scalable governance

  • Axway Transfer CFT’s inherently scalable governance capabilities deliver the power of centralized management – regardless of how much your organization grows – so that even thousands of instances with hundreds of combined applications, configurations and files can be automatically deployed and easily managed. In particular, the ability to self–register, configure, monitor and update nodes enables deployment of patches from one central location, using fewer IT resources. And, for added control, you can create and centrally manage groups of any size – by country, division, message type and more. To ensure ease-of-use and guarantee security, all governance features are available from outside the network using secured Single Sign-On (SSO).

Reduce Cost and Optimize IT resources

  • Configurable strategies for connection retries, checkpoint/restart, and backup paths optimize usage of IT resources and infrastructure and help minimize labor-intensive, break-and-fix procedures. Parallel transfer allows you to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Other advanced features include logical naming, store-and-forward file routing, broadcasting, priority planning and file compression.
  • Axway Transfer CFT enables you to establish priority for some files over others in order to optimize speed and bandwidth; and control network bandwidth for incoming and outgoing data based on the type of partner, time, nature of the transfer and more.
  • With support for EBICS (Windows and UNIX platforms), Axway Transfer CFT can help organization achieve SEPA-readiness. Organizations can decrease the cost of payment operations by migrating off of the FTAM and ETEBAC protocols and phasing out X25

Maximize business responsiveness and fulfill SLAs

  • Axway Transfer CFT's unique pre- and post- processing framework manages the delegation of tasks to the file transfer service and provides the ability to add functions to file transfers with complete traceability and control of the entire interaction 
  • Axway Transfer CFT enables just-in-time processing with either an event-oriented approach to processing or a conventional, schedule-based approach. This means that file data is processed as soon as the event occurs, eliminating all latencies and providing fast, Straight-Through Processing (STP).
  • Missing deadlines or SLAs because large files don't arrive on time can be costly, leading to fines, botched production schedules and added interest payment. But with Axway Transfer CFT, you can accelerate the transfer of large files even across great distances using our File Acceleration option for Windows and UNIX.

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Axway Ad Hoc MFT

Even with all the new communication and social media tools available today, email is still the most popular. It’s everywhere, used by nearly everyone. According to IDC/Ferris Research, email volume is growing at a rate of 66% annually. Research also shows that file attachment sizes are increasing by 192% a year, a result of more and more people relying on email to exchange large and/or sensitive files with partners, vendors, customers, and team members.

That’s a problem.

As file attachments get bigger and security concerns increase, IT administrators respond by imposing attachment size limitations or attempting to lock down access to prevent security leaks. The result? Well-intentioned users turn to more expensive and higher-risk means of file transfer, such as sending them via unauthorized web-based “prosumer” solutions, unsecured FTP, or even downloading files to CDs and thumb drives. These methods are risky at best, and may lead to the kind of data breach that compromises business relationships, intellectual property, and corporate brands.

Risk of data loss and security breaches:

Once a file is sent, do you have delivery confirmation? How do you know if the recipient is authenticated and authorized to view the attachment? What precautions are in place to enable or prohibit sharing large file attachments with your partners? How will you protect that kind of data as it travels over the Internet, or prevent it from leaving your email network in the first place?

Without a governed policy-management system for ad hoc large file transfer, you’re risking legal liability, regulatory violations, and loss of priceless intellectual property — data might as well be published on the Internet for all to see. Enterprise-class file transfer with clear audit trails, delivery confirmation and the ability to securely share data with trusted partners is imperative.

Operational inefficiencies and rising costs:

Email wasn’t meant for sending 10 MB files, let alone the huge files we work with today. Unmanaged ad hoc solutions can stress servers and networks, while also adding significant IT costs (and headaches) for infrastructure, management, and archiving. Plus, standard email doesn’t offer advanced Managed File Transfer capabilities such as guaranteed delivery checkpoint/restart, file delivery confirmation, tracking, or auditability, making it almost impossible to prove a file was sent, or verify that it was received. 

Get Real About Ad Hoc Network File Transfer:

Axway understands that people need solutions at their fingertips, and that means providing seamless file transfer access - utilizing either Lotus Notes or Outlook plug-ins or a Web-based interface for ad hoc file transfer. In today’s collaborative environment, business users must have the means to share large amounts of information, and to communicate efficiently, securely and reliably. Combining enterprise-class file transfer capabilities with support for very large file attachments and content-based policy management, encryption, authentication, and tracking capabilities, Axway SecureTransport’s ad-hoc solution eliminates the infrastructure, cost, and security concerns that surround sending large and confidential files via email without requiring end users to significantly change the way they work or download and master new software.

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Axway B2Bi

Establishing multi-enterprise business processes can be difficult when your business, your partners, your suppliers, your customers, your financial institutions, and your industry’s regulatory bodies are all using different applications and ERP systems. Add in business growth and constant change, customer mandates for new EDI/B2B exchanges, formats and protocols, and government regulations requiring specific security and audit capabilities, and the task of B2B integration can seem monumental.

Axway B2Bi makes integration mountains into mole hills:

Axway B2Bi is a comprehensive, packaged solution that integrates your business with your entire B2B community – suppliers, customers, financial institutions, and regulatory bodies – regardless of complexity. At a low total cost of ownership, B2Bi provides a simple way to handle EDI and XML transactions and integrate any B2B process with business applications including Oracle, SAP, and Lawson.

With Axway B2Bi, you can:

  • Consolidate existing legacy EDI or B2B systems with a next-generation B2B integration solution.
  • Manage your B2B business processes end-to-end, such as order-to-cash, procure-to-pay, replenishment, planning and forecasting, and transportation and logistics.
  • Create a robust and secure health information exchange (HIE), manage provider-payers exchange, or government-to-government exchange.
  • Enable your partner community with WebEDI, secured endpoints, and built-in B2B Managed File Transfer.
  • Choose the best fit-to-cost architecture for your specific requirements, Axway B2Bi solutions scale easily through every phase of business growth.

Key features and functionality:

Axway B2Bi integrates enterprise-class functionality to provide secure B2B communications and seamless enterprise application integration with back-end systems. Whether you deploy all key B2Bi functionality, or implement a la carte, you’ll see lower costs and tighter control over your enterprise processes.

Comprehensive and secure B2B connectivity — A single solution for establishing connections with everyone you do business with improves the security and integrity of data transfers, while reducing software, training and maintenance costs. The B2Bi built-in gateway, Axway Interchange, allows you to automate and manage B2B communications and manage file transfers with true reliability and full security.

  • Axway B2Bi supports a wide variety of B2B messaging protocols and built-in B2B MFT, including EDIINT (AS1/AS2/AS3), OFTP (V1 and V2), ebXML ebMS (V2), RosettaNet RNIF (V1 and V2), HL7 MLLP (V1 and V2), cXML (V4), Web services, HTTP/S, FTP/S, S/FTP, X.400 (X.420 and X.435), and more. EDIINT and ebXML are certified by the Drummond Group annually.
  • Support for PeSIT enables you to leverage Axway Transfer CFT for robust file-based application integration on 20 different platforms.
  • Axway B2Bi provides a wide range of enterprise security features such as authentication, authorization, integrity, confidentiality, non-repudiation, controlled list of IPs, DMZ secure relay, and role-based access, for maximum protection and enforcement of your organization’s specific security and privacy policies.

Wizard-based partner management and community management — Wizard-based partner management lets you quickly define, test and deploy new B2B partners and transactions. Comprehensive Axway EndPoint options empower your partners and secure exchanges with your community. Axway Community Management (ACM) complements Axway B2Bi with cloud-based community management features that enable you to on-board partners quickly and manage campaigns across your entire member directory. Provisioning services automate the deployment and configuration of endpoints.

Packaged application integration — With predefined integration processes and rich mediation services supporting any format, any protocol and any application, packaged application integration lowers the total cost of ownership no matter what type of back-office you have, and allows you to extend your ERP system (Oracle, SAP, Lawson and more) with B2B / EDI communications. Message brokering, A2A managed file transfer (Axway Transfer CFT) and direct application connectivity reduce connectivity costs and leverage existing investments, and include support for HTTP, HTTP/S, JMS, IBM WebSphere MQ, JDBC, SAP, Axway Transfer CFT, file system, FTP and email. SAP integration is certified per the SAP interoperability certification process.

Out-of-the-box EDI support, message formats and document handling — Axway B2Bi supports EDI (AINSI X12, EDIFACT, TRADACOMS, ODETTE, HL7, NACHA, Fedwire, FIXML, xCML, xCBL, Boostaero, Cargo-IMP, VDA, and more) and supplier WebEDI out of the box, minimizing installation and set-up time and costs. Key capabilities include messaging metadata management, enveloping & splitting, automatic acknowledgment generation, and business logic support.

Eclipse-based visual mapping services — Axway Mapping Services offers an intuitive, drag-and-drop Eclipse-based data mapping design tool for mapping, lookups, validation, and routing rules. A rich library of standard B2B formats allows you to quickly respond to new business requests. Axway Mapping Services makes it easy and fast to create, maintain, simulate, print and deploy new maps and integration processes, and comes with version-control capabilities.

Built-in, real-time visibility into transactions and processes — Axway B2Bi gives you built-in visibility into what is happening between all applications inside your enterprise and your B2B ecosystem, empowering technical and business users with the reactivity they need for smooth B2B operations, including B2B/EDI message management, customizable search, and context-sensitive tasks.

Dashboards, alerts and end-to-end visibility — Axway Sentinel further extends Axway B2Bi with intuitive dashboards – including drill-down capabilities and proactive alerting mechanisms – to monitor business transactions, business processes and SLAs in real time. Axway Sentinel provides customizable web-based end-to-end monitoring, combining Axway B2Bi and Transfer CFT activities, for business and technical users, with graphical representation of life-cycle and end-to-end flow for every transfer. End-to-end transaction monitoring with real-time alerts and rules-based routing allows you to quickly troubleshoot problems to support SLA requirements.

High availability and scalability — Axway B2Bi’s active-active support provides a robust architecture with scalability and high availability, including the ability to scale across multiple servers, and automatic failover if a server goes down.

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Axway Controlled Substance Ordering System

Axway’s Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) makes it easy for buyers and suppliers of regulated pharmaceuticals to reduce operational expenses and increase security while ensuring real-time compliance with U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) regulations.

CSOS is compliant with CFR21 Part 11 and meets FIPS140 requirements, enabling organizations to replace the DEA’s costly paper-based Form 222 with the electronic Form e222. By providing all of the functionality you need to manage an electronic B2B relationship — including certificate management, trading partner/community management, secure communications, encryption, digital signatures, alerting, and tracking — CSOS is eliminating billions in costs from the healthcare supply chain and drastically cutting delivery times.

CSOS generates complete audit trails that show all archived orders, acknowledgements, and shipping documents. And real-time visibility and alerting allows you to be more responsive to your partners and helps you comply with DEA audit requests quickly and efficiently.

Hassle-Free Healthcare Information Systems Implementation:

CSOS is easy to implement because it leverages pre-configured profiles for existing CSOS customers, including the “Big Three” pharma distributors, 70% of regional distributors, and many of the top pharmaceutical manufacturers and retailers. CSOS also provides a provisioning framework wizard for easily adding thousands of pharmacies to the CSOS trading community.

For buyers such as pharmacies, practitioners, and distributors, regardless of size, CSOS:

  • Integrates simply and seamlessly with the procurement system.
  • Presents the e222 for signature on screen in human-readable format.
  • Securely transmits orders with guaranteed delivery and receipt.
  • Fully supports validated digital signatures, document workflow, and archiving.

For suppliers, such as manufacturers and distributors, CSOS:

  • Provides validation and fulfillment of e222 orders.
  • Easily adds large groups of pharmacies to the trading community via a wizard.
  • Accepts encrypted orders and verifies them using FIPS-validated order verification and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) checking.
  • Routes orders to supply chain applications or securely forwards them to distribution centers.

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Axway eSubmissions

Don’t trust your most important data transmissions to anything less than the gold standard for regulatory submissions: Axway eSubmissions.

Regulators around the world are driving change in the submissions process by automating connectivity to suppliers of regulated data. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the European Medicines Agency (EMEA), and the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) have all standardized on Axway eSubmissions for enabling industry to submit regulatory documentation.

Designed for pharmaceutical and medical/surgical manufacturers, Contract Research Organizations (CROs), and biotech companies, eSubmissions integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure to quickly and efficiently create collaborative connections that improve the efficiency and lower the costs of transmitting reports to both industry partners and regulatory authorities.

Axway’s platform-independent solution uses adaptive agents and a highly scalable, robust server to securely track and locate each regulatory submission through your communication gateways, translators, and back-end systems — all in real-time.

With the non-intrusive, standards-based eSubmissions software, you can:

  • Send and receive regulatory documents in any format via any industry-standard protocol.
  • Track, monitor, and report on submissions activity for end-to-end process visibility.
  • Ensure the privacy and security of your electronic submissions.
  • Simplify and lower the cost of compliance with data retention and archiving for auditing purposes.
  • Enhance revenue by eliminating submissions latency.

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In Life Sciences industries, branded pharmaceutical, biotech, and specialty drug manufacturers are prime targets of counterfeiters. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that $32 billion, growing to $75 billion by 2010, in legitimate corporate sales are lost each year due to the sale of counterfeit drugs.

To improve the safety and integrity of the global supply chain, the United Stated Food & Drug Administration (FDA), individual U.S. states including California and Florida, the EU, and Turkey are planning to institute stringent pedigree regulations in the coming months. These anti-counterfeiting regulations will require pharmaceutical supply chain constituents to provide drug pedigrees, or custodial histories, which trace each drug’s chain of ownership from the pharmacy back to the manufacturer.

Axway Track & Trace and ePedigree are GS1 standards-based anti-counterfeiting solutions that centrally manage regulatory requirements to reduce the cost and complexity of compliance with pedigree laws.

Track & Trace manages serialized and non-serialized product events in an open framework to allow internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, pedigree, and event data at any point in the supply chain.

Fully integrated with Track & Trace, Axway ePedigree guarantees the authenticity of origin and demonstrates possession as pharmaceutical drugs move through the supply chain, delivering a clear trail of ownership at each step of the process.

ePedigree provides:

  • Complete visibility into the custodial history of drugs or drug lots
  • Comprehensive archiving, reporting, and alerting for regulatory compliance and exception management
  • Continuous alignment with evolving Electronic Product Code (EPC) and RFID standards
  • 21 CFR Part 11 compliance for electronic records and digital signatures

Track & Trace and ePedigree allow you to link physical inventory movements with B2B transactions, such as purchase orders, ship notices, and invoices. This linkage delivers greater business activity monitoring of your supply chain and helps you achieve sustainable business value from what might normally be considered a cost of compliance.

Most importantly, all members of the supply chain can leverage existing investments in supply chain automation, serialization, and enterprise systems to improve the speed and quality of shipping and receiving, expedite returns processing, and sharpen recall precision.

Manufacturers can use ePedigree to:

  • Create and send electronic pedigrees
  • Store and access electronic pedigrees
  • Validate electronic pedigrees for returns processing

Wholesalers can use ePedigree to:

  • Validate electronic pedigrees
  • Correlate electronic pedigrees to physical inventory
  • Create and send electronic pedigrees as inventory is split
  • Store and access electronic pedigrees

Retailers can use ePedigree to:

  • Validate electronic pedigrees prior to dispensing drugs
  • Correlate electronic pedigrees to physical inventory
  • Create and send electronic pedigrees for returns processing
  • Store and access electronic pedigrees

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Axway Track & Trace

Modern supply chains can be incredibly complex, with vast networks of distribution points in the marketplace and large numbers of intermediaries responsible for managing them.

In this environment, management of processes and events across the entire supply chain is both difficult and crucial – difficult because there are so many variables and moving parts in play; and crucial because a lack of transparency and control creates more opportunities for diversion and fraud. These factors increase the risk of regulatory violations and hinders an organization’s ability to meet product quality and safety expectations.

Axway Track & Trace provides end-to-end transparency, supply chain logistics management, and product authentication services across even the most complex supply chains. Based on an open GS1 standards-based framework, Track & Trace:

  • Securely captures, retrieves, transfers and manages key product and serialized event data. The Event Repository supports EPC Information Services (EPCIS) queries to capture commissioning, packaging, and product movement events. In addition, it captures change-of-ownership and other financial events to provide a complete picture of the product lifecycle.
  • Centrally manages serial number generation and allocation
  • Easily integrates with third-party systems, allowing internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, and event data at any point in the supply chain.

With this level of flexible and efficient business analytics sharing between trading partners along your extended collaborative supply chain, you can optimize all of your track and trace initiatives, including:

  • Serialization: Use the Serial Number Manager to define the format and allocate unique serial number ranges across multiple locations, making it easier to manage the generation of serial numbers at the enterprise level.
  • Diversion detection: Increase your revenues and protect your profits by detecting potential “gray market” product diversion.
  • Global regulatory compliance: Comply with existing regulations for pharmaceuticals, devices, and food products, and prepare for emerging requirements including ePedigree.
  • Anti-counterfeiting: Protect your brand and meet safety and quality expectations by rapidly identifying counterfeit products.

Track & Trace can be quickly deployed — either hosted or licensed — so you don’t have to divert resources from more profitable uses.

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Axway Financial Exchange(FEX)-Comprehensive Financial Services Solution

Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) for financial institutions powers business interactions within financial flow ecosystems, such as bank-to-bank, bank-to-market, bank-to-corporation, and corporation-to-bank.

By consolidating all of your financial flows and providing real-time integration, security, and visibility into payment processes as they occur, Axway Financial Exchange ensures that your high-value payment flows meet processing deadlines, comply with industry and government regulations, and satisfy service-level agreements (SLAs).

Financial Exchange provides:

  • Multi-channel consistency. Exchange financial information with customers and partners using the networks, protocols, and formats they require.
  • Multi-enterprise community management. Grow your business with fast, easy, and secure on-boarding of customers and partners. Robust community management features allow you to easily automate enrollment processes like subscription, registration, provisioning, testing, and operations. You can also segment your partners and customers into distinct communities.
  • Multi-service capabilities: Move from point-to-point connections and integrations to a unified, consolidated, and scalable solution with end-to-end and top-to-bottom visibility and control over financial flows.

Advanced features and functionality include: 

  • Format translation, content-based routing, validation and enrichment, bulking/de-bulking, splitting/enveloping, record fixing and recycling
  • Flow control process management and detailed audit trails for SLA fulfillment, data quality assurance, reporting and score-carding, and regulatory compliance
  • Certificate management and authorization checking
  • Message persistence and archiving

Axway also offers managed services that allow banks to outsource activities such as customer enrollment, provisioning of communication endpoints to corporate customers, etc. For corporations, the solution also facilitates secure Straight Through Processing (STP) of payment transactions through market infrastructure.

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Axway Financial Exchange(FEX) for Corporations

Enterprises of different sizes require different methods for managing treasury management systems (TMS) and corporation-to-bank relationships. For example, small enterprises often require only a secure file transfer gateway, while large enterprises typically need sophisticated authorization and rules management capabilities.

Axway Financial Exchange (FEX) for Corporations is a multi-channel, multi-enterprise, and multi-service platform that provides enterprises of all sizes with real-time integration, security, and visibility into payment processes as they occur. Using Financial Exchange, you can:

  • Exchange financial information with banks using the networks, protocols, and formats they require.
  • Comply with stringent regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).
  • Isolate the management of your financial flows from your business applications.
  • Drive your financial flows with strong business visibility and data quality assurance.
  • Bolster your financial performance by securing the underlying financial processes and flows.
  • Reduce costs and increase business efficiency.

For small and mid-size enterprises with on-premise treasury management systems (TMS) applications that do not handle financial flows, Axway Financial Exchange provides:

  • Secure end-user access points to manage all data exchanges between your TMS application and your bank(s). Access points are easy to set up within your environment and are extensible upon request.
  • Support for a variety of communication protocols, including FTPS, HTTPS, PeSIT, EBICS and AS2 (EDIINT).

For large enterprises that need to integrate multi-bank financial flows with their financial applications and systems, Axway Financial Exchange provides:

  • A multi-channel, multi-network, multi-format, multi-protocol solution.
  • Application integration capabilities, including pre-packaged mappings between domestic and SEPA formats.

For very large enterprises that consolidate both internal and external financial flows into a central payment factory architecture, Axway Financial Exchange provides:

  • Advanced functions including format translation, content-based routing, validation and enrichment, bulking/de-bulking, splitting/enveloping, record fixing and recycling.
  • Business visibility (both end-to-end and top-to-bottom, with detailed audit trails).
  • Flow control process management for SLA fulfillment, data quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.

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Axway elnvoice

Paper invoices and manual processes carry with them a host of unnecessary costs and security issues, along with inefficiencies that can impact partner and customer relationships, and your bottom line.

Axway eInvoice enables 100% electronic, secure exchange of invoices and related documents with your customers and partners, using all standard communication protocols, including optional encryption. Axway eInvoice protects and ensures the integrity of your data, and guarantees authentication and confidentiality, helping you to comply with relevant country-specific regulations and various EU directives.

Axway eInvoice provides:

Electronic invoice transmission

  • Exchange invoices electronically with your partners, improving speed and accuracy of transmissions
  • Eliminate inefficient manual processing, freeing up resources for other projects
  • Automate invoice processing for reduced costs and time expenditures, and avoid missed or late payments due to processing time

Security and compliance

  • Protects data transmission, data integrity and authenticity, and signs and/or validates all invoices at the envelope level
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance with country-specific government regulations on data formats, data content, archiving and more
  • Provide auditors with all necessary data to demonstrate compliance

Archiving and retrieval

  • End the paper search with automatic electronic archiving of your invoices and related documents
  • Retrieve invoices quickly and easily based on a range of attributes using a Web-based interface
  • Accurate and appropriate archiving and retrieval capabilities ensure compliance with country-specific tax regulations

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Axway TradeSync integration Manager(TSIM)

Axway TradeSync Integration Manager (TSIM) provides a solid foundation for implementing complex automotive business processes faster and more efficiently. TSIM and its components serve as the central hub for integration of business processes within your enterprise and with your business partners, controlling, monitoring, and providing end-to-end supply chain visibility.

TSIM contains pre-configured integration scenarios with connectivity (via OFTP,OFTP2, FTP, etc.), transformation and back-end integration functionality, as well as pre-configured mappings and process monitoring dashboards. Additional integration services may be added to the solution at any time. Additionally, Axway TSIM provides:

  • A flexible infrastructure with an open interface that consolidates isolated systems and interoperates with diverse communication protocols, data formats, security standards and the latest Web services standards
  • Strong SAP connectivity capabilities
  • Support for leading automotive market ERPs
  • Easy-to-use, prebuilt maps, technical adapters and predefined business documents for creating custom solutions for manufacturers, suppliers and their service partners

Axway TSIM can help you:

  • Optimize supply chain processes, such as ordering, delivery, forecasting and billing transactions, and CAD-CAM flows to enable faster data flow and throughput, improved communication and collaboration with business partners, and faster response to a changing environment.
  • Plan and implement an OFTP2 deployment that leverages your current Internet connections and enables you to monitor and control OFTP2 processing operations with the OFTP monitoring application; and leverage a user interface specifically designed for easier partner connections.
  • Improve process visibility and transparency for better, faster decision making.
  • Aggregate process data and display it as dashboard information in near real-time.
  • Speed time-to-value by utilizing pre-configured scenarios with little to no adaptation requirements.
  • Go paperless to drastically reduce invoicing costs. Axway eInvoice, TSIM’s comprehensive eInvoicing solution, provides out-of-the-box support for VDA 4938 T2 and GS1 France EANCOM V2 and V3 for EDI exchange. Axway eInvoicing provides a 100% paperless workflow that validates, converts, prints and archives all invoice messages, while managing partner communication and backend integration.

By adding Axway Synchrony Platform components to Axway TSIM, you can gain even greater value in the areas of business process management, business activity monitoring, communications, back-end integration and community management.

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Axway InSight

Ever heard the phrase, “what you don’t know can’t hurt you”? In today’s B2B-driven economy, nothing could be further from the truth. Because when it comes to business agility and the burgeoning rapidity of business flow, you need to be able to visualize, analyze, and quickly act on order fulfillment trends and inventory imbalances in real-time.

Axway InSight delivers the visibility you need in order to understand and fulfill true demand. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer, InSight provides the visibility and data integrity required to drive additional sales by optimizing inventory levels and efficiently managing agreements between your supply chain partners.

Axway InSight harnesses and leverages a wealth of business data so that you can: 

  • Aggregate information: securely and reliably gather data from transactions with trading partners, sales and master data to present a tailored view to a business user so they can easily understand it and take action.
  • Monitor performance against set agreements: Customized KPI’s measurements at any combination of partner, product line or SKU level to take supply chain performance, sales performance and revenue monitoring to the next level
  • Guide community actions through policy enforcement: Enable partners to measure performance through simple to understand scorecards, in real-time, so corrective action can be taken to improve customer service, increase sales opportunities and maximize profitability.

With InSight, manufacturers can improve the accuracy of pay for performance programs and capitalize on key revenue opportunities such as new product introductions and store-level in-stock improvements. More importantly, national account executives and trade directors have the details at their fingertips to help them align manufacturers and distributors in a common cause – to increase in-stock rates at chains and providers and improve profitability for every entity in the supply chain.

InSight provides reliable, secure capture, transfer, and management of 180, 844, 850, 852, and 867 data files as they flow between distributors, retailers, and your business. Your trade and account executives can then use InSight’s best-practice scorecards, reports, and real-time, exception-based analytics to proactively increase the accuracy and effectiveness of:

  • Revenue management by matching inventory to demand and proactively monitor chargebacks/returns.
  • Forecasting by adjusting production runs based on brand, financial, and sales and operations forecasts to actuals.
  • New product introductions by tracking pre-launch inventories, push programs and return trends.
  • Pay for performance program management by paying based on OIG, FTC, SEC, and SOX 404 compliant scorecards.
  • Chargebacks and rebates by tracking positive or negative chargebacks to 867 sales and short or in-date returns.
  • Sales force planning by helping sales target regional inventory issues using 852 and 867 data.

InSight provides real-time views of orders, on-time shipment rates, and days of supply in a simple, role-based web application that gives you:

  • The power to see
    • With the click of a button, InSight allows you to correlate and trend these key performance indicators (KPIs) by wholesaler, retailer, product, category – even down to the store level.
    • InSight includes pre-packaged views of the critical information you need to monitor supply agreements, spot unusual orders, and increase sales opportunities. It compliments existing data warehouses with real-time, context-sensitive, exception-based analytics of very large, highly detailed sales and inventory reports, such as extended 852 and 867.
  • The clarity to focus
    • InSight compares your 850 order details to these reports based on user-defined performance rules and metrics, and delivers automated alerts to the appropriate trade analysts.
    • InSight finds “needles” in very large haystacks of 852 and 867 data, and pushes only the most relevant content to trade analysts for immediate action. It simplifies supply agreement and pay-per-performance monitoring with pre-packaged scorecards for each of your wholesalers and retailers.
  • The confidence to act
    • InSight helps you leverage a new level of detailed operational visibility across several key functions including supply agreement monitoring, sales compensation, customer service, marketing, and finance—so you can confidently and proactively act on order trends and inventory balances in real-time.

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Axway B2B Endpoint

Automating your business processes and creating an efficient and secure online B2B community doesn’t have to be expensive, time consuming, resource intensive, or risky.

Axway B2Bi EndPoints allow you (the hub) to establish secure and direct last-mile connections with your partners, suppliers, and customers (the spokes) over the Internet — quickly, efficiently, and reliably.

Ranging from full-featured thick endpoint clients to zero-footprint Web clients, Axway EndPoints & Community Solutions enable you to:

  • Create branded B2B trading communities that require little to no configuration, deploy in minutes, and have minimal management requirements. Axway EndPoints can be integrated with Axway Gateways as well as other FTP and HTTP servers, and can also be used with certified EDI-INT solutions.
  • Quickly connect with key trading partners and service providers without having to write any code. End users gain quick and easy access without having to worry about technical underpinnings.
  • Automate and move existing EDI and business integration processes to the Internet.
  • Safeguard critical business information exchange over the Internet with support for multiple security protocols, data integrity checking, and guaranteed delivery.
  • Establish governance, visibility, and auditability to ensure compliance with industry standards and government regulations, as well as your own corporate policies.
  • Gain end-to-end visibility with comprehensive monitoring and reporting capabilities that deliver deep insight and business intelligence through user-friendly dashboards.
  • Automate endpoint provisioning and pre-configure functionality without writing a single line of code.
  • Give end users quick and easy access to your secure file-transfer infrastructure, no matter what systems they use or how technically adept they are.
  • Meet a full range of file-transfer needs, from ad hoc interactive transfers using a Web browser to fully automated EDI and batch-transferjobs on mainframe platforms.

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Axway Integrator

Change is constant, both inside and beyond company firewalls. New clients, acquisitions, partnerships, standards, and software create a continuous loop of changing business processes and new IT requirements.

Axway Integrator is designed to help your IT group manage the organic growth and complexity of partner networks. Based on powerful supervision facilities that are remotely centralised, Integrator provides real-time, scalable information control, transformation, and routing for quick data integration and validation regardless of data complexity or volume.

With Axway Integrator, you can:

  • Benefit from a highly scalable, “any-to-any” and “many-to-many” transformation engine that offers full support for standard and non-standard document types, direct database read/write, and multiple input, target and reference files in a single transformation routine.
  • Quickly adapt and react . Process data from anywhere, in any format, including all variants of XML, EDI, flat files, in-house applications and ERPs such as Oracle, SAP and Lawson.
  • Better respond to customer data requests. Send processed data to recipient applications with the data structure and transport mode they require, and the precision timing they expect.
  • Save time and money during implementation. Integrator offers a variety of ways to integrate with your legacy applications.
  • Quickly deploy new applications. Underlying technical complexities are hidden within Integrator, accelerating the deployment of software changes and upgrades.
  • Automatically generate data models from external sources.
  • Reduce development time and free up technical staff. Replace point-to-point interfaces with a convenient, centralised exchange platform.
  • Increase data flexibility. Route information (in real time, batch mode, or both) to multiple recipients in different data formats and reception modes.
  • Create a truly global partner community. Perform any-to-any exchanges with improved interoperability and conversion between all standards and protocols.

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Axway Mapping Services

Axway Mapping Services is a standalone, Eclipse-based data mapping tool that provides services to:

  • design a mapping – by specification, create test cases, configure simulation, and more.  
  • validate a mapping – test, run simulation, analyze output, and more.
  • deploy a mapping within the run-time environment.

Axway Mapping Services is the easiest and most user-friendly way to create, emulate and deploy new transformation maps. If the map you want doesn’t exist, you can quickly create it from start to finish using a tool called Map Designer. The Map Designer tool is based on the Eclipse plug-in architecture, an extensible platform designed for building integrated Web and application development tools (specifically, IDEs). The Eclipse platform has an open architecture comprised of subsystems that can be implemented in one or more plug-ins focused on particular areas of expertise.

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Axway Accounting Integration Suite

Combining a powerful accounting rules engine with unparalleled ease-of-use, Axway Accounting Integration Suite optimizes standard daily operations to supply both management and accounting systems (control, reporting, and consolidation) with all required data. Accounting Integration Suite enhances performance during transformation (generating accounts records), organizes input into concurrent and/or distributed phases, and harmonizes business and accounting rules configuration.

With Axway Accounting Integration Suite, your organization can:

  • Deploy a single system to perform standard data operations and accounting-specific functions, including account balancing, transaction reversals, group account record processing, routing to multiple destinations, and tracked maintenance of accounting ledgers.
  • Simplify compliance. Accounting Integration Suite is specifically designed to respond to the complex regulatory environment for financial data processing and accounting reporting, represented by initiatives such as International Financial Accounting Standards (IFRS) and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX).
  • Centralize accounting rules and create audit trails. Empower accounting departments with centralized control and ownership of accounting rules. Produce and apply dated, time-stamped rules that create audit trails and add transparency to the production of accounts.
  • Improve accounting agility and efficiency. Accounting Integration Suite helps businesses quickly integrate operational production systems with General Ledgers (local GAAP) and reporting systems, compliance-enabled reporting (IFRS, side ledgers, etc.), and financial monitoring systems (MIS, Risks, Reporting, and others).
  • Provide management with advanced reporting capabilities. Create financial reports and publish them to a Web page for easy access and distribution to management.

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Axway Business Process Management(BPM)

Business Process Management (BPM) is where Axway helps business management and IT to intersect. Going beyond traditional workflow-based approaches, the goal of BPM is to build business process solutions that align enterprise resources with business goals.

It’s all about staying ahead in a dynamic business environment and making better decisions faster by getting the right information to the right people at the right time. This goal requires flexible, easily adaptable business processes for exchanging electronic data internally and with external business partners using the enterprise information system.

Axway Business Process Management solution enables organizations to design, execute, manage, and monitor platform-independent business processes that span multiple steps, multiple users, multiple applications, and multiple organizations – including business units, partners, suppliers, and customers.

Business Process Management increases business agility across your entire supply or value chain by helping your information systems dynamically specialize business processes, including:

  • Critical processes that must be closely monitored because of high visibility, strategic importance, or both.
  • Critical processes that must be orchestrated, with full automation and predictability.
  • Core production processes with high volumes and loads.
  • Complex, frequently changing processes that span multiple applications and require multi-enterprise collaboration.
  • Highly automated, IT-intensive processes

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Axway ProcessManager

Axway ProcessManager leverages a collaborative service-oriented architecture to separate business logic from technical logic, making process changes easier to implement and keeping information systems agile and aligned. ProcessManager enables your line-of-business managers to project and quickly respond to changing business conditions by modeling processes that catch events and trigger activities, such as application business services and collaboration with business partners.

ProcessManager’s graphical modeling environment is based on the Business Process Management Notation (BPMN) 1.1 standard, which allows business managers to represent almost any possible business process logic and pattern by drawing a diagram. IT staff can then specify the attributes for the process objects, such as:

  • the relevant communication service (e.g., OFTP 2) for an incoming order
  • the back-end integration service for processing the order in the ERP system
  • the transformation service for converting the file (e.g., EDIFACT or XML)
  • the routing mechanism

The modeled process can then be tested and refined before it is put into production.

In domains such as accounting, payment, and B2B flows, ProcessManager provides business staff with visibility and control over established processing chains — without having to re-engineer them.

In domains such as telecommunications, complex order management, online service provisioning, and customer service, ProcessManager can also help you:

  • Manage the entire lifecycle of a business process, including modeling, automation within the information system, automatic execution on a process engine, IT operation, and business and technical monitoring and analysis.
  • Speed time-to-market by re-engineering all or part of a value chain to simplify how you provide services to customers. You can re-use service and process models to speed time-to-market and help increase the competitiveness of your business.
  • Give business staff end-to-end visibility over existing, new, and re-engineered business processes to support fulfillment of service level agreements (SLAs).
  • Reduce costs by facilitating system evolution and building scalability into your processing to capitalize on existing IT assets and fulfill high volumes of service orders.
  • Improve communication between CIOs and business managers by using the graphical BPMN interface to depict end-to-end flows of business processes and coordinating the sequence of processes and messages that flow between participants.
  • Implement proven best practices according to Axway’s recommended architecture, methodology, and project approach. Axway is a sponsor/member of the OMG and OASIS open standards.

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Axway DropZone™

Today’s savvy employee is well aware of the limits around file sharing imposed by their IT department. And when they need to collaborate on projects with colleagues, they will circumvent IT and use whatever tools they prefer in order to get the job done. This often includes turning to unsecured methods and cloud-based file sharing services, which can put shared data, and the company, at risk.

But your organization can have its cake and eat it, too. Axway DropZone™ enables users to easily share files with each other, and with customers and partners, while ensuring compliance with corporate security and information policies. DropZone can be installed in minutes, to provide complete control and visibility over information entering and leaving your organization.


  • Easy-to-use folder sharing inside and outside the enterprise
  • Mobile clients for iOS and Android devices
  • Intuitive user interface that supports drag and drop in most common browsers


  • Encryption of data in transit and at rest, ensuring full security and file fidelity
  • Embedded Data Loss Prevention (DLP) policy engine provides full content inspection and policy enforcement on all files shared through DropZone; can be extended to protect all inbound and outbound email traffic, covering much of your data loss risk without the need for costly DLP deployments
  • ‘Plug and play’ seamlessly with existing enterprise DLP infrastructure to check all files exchanged against corporate policy and ensure compliance
  • Full integration with Active Directory or other LDAP directory for authentication and permission management


  • Available as a physical or virtual appliance
  • Quota system ensures effective storage management
  • Full API for integration with other applications and services
  • User role management controls who is allowed to create and share folders, and with whom they are allowed to share
  • Full branding toolkit for web UI and email notification, with support for multiple brands on a single appliance
  • Highly available architecture

Axway DropZone can be deployed stand alone, or combined with MailGate SC modules on a common Secure Collaboration platform. MailGate SC provides complete network protection and data loss prevention across your organization’s entire file sharing, inbound and outbound email environment on a single appliance with a single administration console.

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Axway MailGate SC™

In addition to protecting enterprise email networks from a barrage of spam, inbound attacks, and constantly evolving security threats, organizations must develop a comprehensive Data Loss Prevention strategy to ensure the security and confidentiality of sensitive business-critical data and communications.

Axway MailGate SC™ provides multiple tiers of security that can be used individually or in combination to block messaging threats at the DMZ and within the enterprise network, and secure inbound and outbound email traffic at the content and network levels. MailGate SC simplifies management with one comprehensive secure solution for inbound email, outbound encryption, and secure file delivery without impacting your current environment.

  • Secure file sharing: Support sharing of files internally and externally, including files shared with mobile devices, and remove the risks associated with consumer-grade cloud file sharing services with Axway DropZoneTM. Axway DropZone is an optional feature of the MailGate SC platform.
  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP): MailGate SC provides content filtering and intuitive policy controls to prevent the kind of accidental or intentional email data leakage that can jeopardize brand, reputation, customer loyalty, regulatory compliance, and intellectual property. MailGate SC’s Digital Rights Management capabilities protect the integrity of attachments.All-inclusive email security via an integrated, single-box solution: Solving all your email security issues with one comprehensive solution, Axway MailGate SC is delivered as either a physical or virtual hardened Linux appliance which includes a powerful user-to-user email encryption platform. License email hygiene and email security separately or together, and enable both solutions at once or over time as your organization’s needs change.
  • Custom development of secure messaging applications to meet your organization’s needs: Easily accomplished using MailGate SC’s comprehensive APIs and branding capabilities.
  • Inbound threat protection: MailGate SC delivers the most comprehensive, effective, and easy-to-manage inbound email security available, including antispam, virus protection, and Intelligent Edge Defense technologies.

Using Axway MailGate SC, you can:

  • Simplify regulatory and policy compliance
  • Update security policies quickly and easily
  • Secure private information and enforce policy on all inbound and outbound email
  • Reduce costs by eliminating potential threats and optimizing network performance
  • Centralize email security management
  • Provide high availability and allow end-user retrieval of deleted messages
  • Allow for segregation of entities/organizations using enterprise multi-tenancy
  • Gain visibility into business-critical communications with comprehensive and insightful reporting features
  • Inspect incoming and outgoing S/MIME encrypted messages without breaking the encryption, while applying policy and routing messages accordingly
  • Easily integrate MailGate SC into enterprise portals and other applications
  • Convert MS Office attachments into password-protected, locked, and watermarked PDF files to preserve document integrity
  • Deploy MailGate SC as a hardened Linux appliance on an Axway/Dell box, as a virtual VMware appliance, or via private cloud

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Axway Validation Authority Suite

Axway VA Suite protects mission-critical infrastructures by ensuring that revoked or invalid credentials cannot be used for secure email, smart card login, network access (including wireless), or other sensitive electronic transactions. With support for caching and replication of revocation data regardless of format, VA Suite enables cost-effective scalability across a wide range of operational environments, including hardware-software appliances and Java-based solutions for distributed or hosted environments.

Banks, businesses, governments, and defense organizations across the globe use Axway VA Suite for real-time validation of digital certificates within PKI environments.

Using protocols like OCSP and CRLs can help identify revoked entities; but knowing whose credentials are bad is just the tip of the information iceberg.

Validation is constantly evolving, and Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP) is the emerging new standard. While OCSP-based certificate validation provides revocation status of digital certificates in a highly performant and scalable manner, VA Suite’s SCVP technologies take access validation to the next level, enabling applications to delegate both revocation-checking and path validation to a trusted server in a single request.

SCVP enables harvesting of an entity’s credential for the full range of their access rights, cross-validated across multiple certificate chains by highly accredited certification issuers. In real-world terms, this means that not only do you know John Smith’s credential status, you can also:

  • Enforce which applications and/or network locations John is authorized to access;
  • Enforce John’s level of email access and which corporate policies apply to his account, be he an IT admin or an HR director;
  • Federate John’s physical access rights across multiple buildings and/or geographic locations;
  • Provide visibility into the what, where, and when of each and every instance of physical and logical access.

VA Suite consists of several products that provide a flexible and robust certificate validation solution for both standard and custom desktop and server applications:

  • Validation Authority Server, a high-performance multi-platform server that processes client digital certificate status queries using a variety of protocols, including OCSP, SCVP, CMP, Compact CRL and VACRL.
  • Server Validator, a flexible client application for validating digital certificates from the most widely used secure Web servers and Web application servers.
  • Desktop Validator, a flexible client application that enables Microsoft Windows-based desktop and server applications to validate digital certificates via the Microsoft Cryptographic API (CAPI).
  • Validator Toolkit, a complete set of certificate validation functions, source code examples, and reference manuals that enables certificate validation integration into commercial or custom applications developed in C/C++ or Java.

These components may be used together or, leveraging open standards, integrated with existing solutions using OCSP or SCVP (RFC 5055).

VA Suite is CA-neutral and supports all widely adopted international security standards and open technologies:

  • Certified to meet Common Criteria (EAL 3), FIPS 201, NIST PDVAL, FIPS 140-2, and DoD JITC standards
  • SCVP compliant (RFC 5055)
  • Entrust-ready and IdenTrust-compliant
  • Part of the IdenTrust, SWIFT Trust Act, BACS, and Global Trust Authority financial trust infrastructures
  • Interoperable with leading cryptographic hardware, including products certified to FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and 4, as well as smart cards such as the DoD Common Access Card and the Federal Personal Identity Verification Card or national eID-card.

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Axway Sentinel

With Axway Sentinel looking out for your business 24 hours a day, you can anticipate, spot, and resolve issues before they negatively impact your supply chain.

Agnostic to the software tools that support your business process, Axway Sentinel is event-driven, with a powerful correlation engine and intuitive dashboards that enable you to monitor and capture global events and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) from both Axway and third-party applications and systems – in real time. Your business managers and IT staff gain clear visibility into all data flows in one central location, including Managed File Transfer (MFT) and B2B transactions throughout the extended supply chain.

Because Sentinel tracks processing chains at technical, functional and business levels, it shows events and processes in a context that is easy for business managers and IT staff to understand and use. And, Sentinel can monitor both Axway and third-party applications and systems, giving your enterprise clear visibility into all data flows throughout your extended supply chain.

Based on a collaborative, service-oriented architecture, Axway Sentinel, the business analytics solution, provides:

  • End-to-end visibility and proactive monitoring:
    • Optimize order-to-cash processes and reduce problem resolution time and costs by as much as 80% with Sentinel's event monitoring, non-event detection, and proactive notification of potential process disruptions. End-to-end monitoring provides a high-level, business-oriented view of your process events, such as shipments, orders, and delivery, with status indication at each process milestone. It also allows you to drill down to the finest technical detail to determine, for example, where an expected file is blocked or delayed.  
  • Predictability and agility: 
    • Improve responsiveness to customer and partner requests with configurable business processes, KPIs, and self-diagnostic tools that support internal teams and external trading partners.
  • Flexibility and interoperability:
    • Streamline vendor management and monitor any application script or application in your system. Sentinel’s open, service-oriented architecture delivers true interoperability within your enterprise IT infrastructure and with your trading partners.
  • Usability: 
    • Use Sentinel's intuitive graphic objects to construct customized KPI and technical monitoring dashboards to see real-time visual representations of system and business process health.
  • Enterprise intelligence:
    •  Sentinel aggregates business metrics with a correlation rules engine that defines business and technical KPIs, and processes monitored data to define and initiate actions automatically.
  • Traceability:
    • Monitor all of your operations, including current and historical activity of the Axway Synchrony platform. Capture system changes as audit events for regulatory compliance. And locate specific transactions using ascending and descending audit trail capabilities.
  • Centralized monitoring and management: 
    • Improve governance with a single, global view of your IT operations and business processes, and drive regulatory compliance through increased control of data flow.
  • Extensibility:
    •  Extend Sentinel’s visibility and analytics capabilities to customers and partners with single sign-on (SSO) feature.

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Ad-hoc File Transfer Service

Standard email and simple ad-hoc file-sharing sites are not designed for enterprise-class Managed File Transfer (MFT). They lack the controls, encryption, and audit trails required to prevent data breaches and compliance violations. And, they lack the reliability required to meet tight SLAs and prevent business interruptions by ensuring that documents and files arrive intact, untouched, and on time.

Axway SecureTransport’s enterprise-class ad hoc file transfer service prevents data loss, protects data in transit, increases employee productivity, and reduces IT management costs by enabling business users to securely send files of any size and type using familiar email interfaces or web-based clients.

  • Email-based file transfer combines the personalization and real-time interactivity of email with strong security features that enable users to exchange confidential content safely with anyone. Users simply click a button to initiate the transfer, select a file to attach, and hit “send” to automatically and transparently invoke your corporate security policies.
  • Portal-based file transfer enables you to provide Web-based file-transfer services that connect people with your business through an easy-to-use portal. The completely transparent SecureTransport gateway can guarantee file delivery and data integrity, secure data streaming across the DMZ, support flexible enterprise authentication and repository encryption, and enable effective and efficient auditing.

In addition to human-initiated file transfer, SecureTransport also supports structured processes for system-to-human and human-to-system content delivery. Administrators can manage secure and authenticated delivery of system-generated information, such as invoices, statements and more. SecureTransport sends notifications to recipients via email and delivers files via a secure channel with verification of receipt.

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Clustering for Axway SecureTransport

To help ensure that mission-critical business processes and services like Managed File Transfer (MFT) are “always on”, IT organizations often implement clusters of loosely connected computers, or “nodes.” If a node fails, work is dispersed among the others in the cluster. And if data and transaction volumes exceed the capabilities of the cluster, additional nodes can be easily added.

Axway SecureTransport, an enhanced MFT gateway, helps organizations ensure business continuity through clustering. Standard and Large Enterprise Clustering options for SecureTransport leverage leading and emerging technologies to improve performance, management, scalability, and resiliency.

Standard Clustering enables active/active and active/passive deployments, with no dependency on an external database. This option provides efficiency and a low total cost of ownership for organizations that need both redundancy and scalability.

Large Enterprise Clustering (LEC) leverages an in-memory data grid (IMDG) and an external Oracle database, enabling organizations to:

  • Scale to 20 nodes with unlimited concurrent connections and up to a 200-percent performance improvement per node over Standard Clustering.
  • Gain elastic scalability in physical and virtual deployments by adding capacity to support peak loads or unplanned growth. Adding nodes does not require downtime for the cluster.
  • Use policy-based load balancing to isolate lines of business and server tasks in different parts of the cluster.
  • Improve resiliency/disaster recovery with more nodes in service and faster recovery times.

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File Transfer Acceleration

When a time-sensitive file does not arrive on time, the negative impacts to your business — from slipped schedules, to SLA penalties, to tarnished reputations — can be immediate and potentially severe. Whether the delay was caused by limited network bandwidth or high network latency, increasing the size of the pipe may be a tempting quick fix, but it is not a long-term answer.

To prevent file transfer delays over the long term, you need a Managed File Transfer (MFT) infrastructure that can keep up with changing business conditions, tight customer and partner SLAs, growing file sizes, and expected and unexpected spikes in data volume.

Axway SecureTransport is an enhanced MFT gateway that utilizes advanced MFT functionality to help ensure that critical data is delivered on time. SecureTransport uses the Parallel Transmission Control Protocol (pTCP), in conjunction with the PeSIT file transfer protocol, to overcome bandwidth and latency issues by optimizing utilization of your data pipe. Faster and smarter than FTP, this approach accelerates the transfer of files between two SecureTransport servers (or between a SecureTransport server and an Axway Transfer CFT server) by transmitting data simultaneously over two or more separate paths, rather than serially over a single wire.

In addition, SecureTransport’s pTCP-based acceleration capabilities enable organizations to more efficiently move files in multiple ways:

  • Improve and simplify file transfer management — SecureTransport offers advanced MFT functionality that is easy to implement and easy to use, including an intuitive graphical user interface that gives authorized business and IT users visibility into all file transfer activities, delegated administration and customer self-service capabilities, and transparent enforcement of security policy across all file-movement activities.
  • Integrate, merge, and automate processes, data, and file transfers — SecureTransport utilizes the REST-based Web Services API framework and other integration capabilities, and provides event-driven workflow, rules-based file processing and routing, and seamless integration with other MFT systems.

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Serialization Management Across Multiple Sites

Forward-thinking organizations know that supply chain visibility is critical to sustainability and innovation, and many are investing in serialization management technology to achieve it. Whether you are implementing barcodes or RFID tagging, the process of generating unique serial numbers across multiple manufacturing sites can be tricky. You have to answer questions like:

  • How do you ensure consistency of serial number ranges allocated to each given production/commissioning cycle?
  • How do you solve middleware issues that may jeopardize the project’s expected benefits, such as capturing and merging distributed events in a central repository?
  • How do you deploy a mass-serialization pilot initiative across a heterogeneous technology environment made up of multiple ERPs, tagging systems and/or business applications?
  • How do you accommodate the progressive adoption of GS1 standards, which may require multiple codification reference standards until they are fully merged?

Axway Track & Trace can help you answer all of these questions with a centralized, GS1 standards-based solution that reduces the risk, cost, and complexity of generating and allocating serial numbers across multiple sites.

Axway Track & Trace manages the lifecycle events of products as they move through your extended supply chain, making it much easier to manage serial numbers across multiple facilities. With a single framework for serial number management, you can:

  • Ensure the uniqueness of serial numbers at the pallet, case, and/or unit level. Track & Trace assigns serial number ranges to manufacturing lines or facilities and generates an initialization (commissioning) event. Central management of serial numbers ensures non-repudiation across multiple lines or facilities/plants.
  • Support multiple serial number formats. Track & Trace can generate unique serial numbers using any standard, including GTIN and SSCC.
  • Manage multiple printing solutions by integrating Track & Trace with line management systems or off-line labeling systems.

These powerful business activity monitoring capabilities allow you to fully leverage your investment in serialization to improve operational performance and supply chain security.

Manage your supply chain:

  • Capture events and master data into a central repository
  • Gain uniform access to global information
  • Use serial numbers and channel authentication to support investigations
  • Ensure data quality

Monitor your channel:

  • Define reports, alerts, and dashboards to monitor your channel in real time
  • Monitor orders
  • Analyze commonality and trends

Ensure regulatory compliance and enforce supply agreements:

  • Meet emerging global regulations for tracking and tracing pharmaceuticals, food products, and other manufactured goods.
  • Monitor adherence with policy-based business rules
  • Document a chain of evidence
  • Create vendor scorecards based on configurable KPIs

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Diversion Detection

Channel diversion occurs when a product is sold through an unauthorized “gray market” sales channel without the direct knowledge of the manufacturer. This kind of product diversion — whether of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, high-tech equipment, or shampoo — puts your organization’s brand and profit margins at risk. It increases customer service costs, demand volatility, and exposure to counterfeits. And, if your products are mislabeled or tampered-with, it jeopardizes public safety. 

While your channel partners have a clear responsibility to adhere to the terms and conditions of your partner programs, the burden of enforcing them ultimately falls on you.

Axway Track & Trace delivers powerful business logistics management capabilities that can help you quickly detect product diversion, through a centralized framework for managing serialized product and channel information. It aggregates product lifecycle events from multiple sources, including disparate internal systems and channel partner sales data, to provide a single source of actionable intelligence for channel managers. Track & Track can also integrate with your order and customer management systems, so managers can track channel performance against supply policies to quickly detect anomalies.

By associating serial numbers, product master data, and distribution channel information for the life of the product, Track & Trace enables you to:

  • Maintain a permanent link between a product (bulk or individual) and the initial distribution channel partner purchase order.
  • Allow internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, status, and event data at any point in the supply chain. 
  • Support field investigations by providing remote query access to validate product identification and authorized sales channels using a serial number or a combination of criteria that identifies the product. 
  • Validate incentive program claims against policies.
  • Define custom business rules, alerts, reports, and dashboards to create a chain of evidence and help departments responsible for product security or brand protection analyze information coming in from channel partners.
  • Enable your customer service department to quickly answer customer, partner, or consumer questions about the warrantee, recall, or destruction status of a product. 

You can deploy multiple Event Repositories at the regional level to meet localized business objectives, and decentralize data storage and management of serialized events to reduce costs and risks. A central Event Repository can integrate the regional repositories to provide a global view of product life cycle events across the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance and other business objectives.

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Global Regulatory Compliance(GRC)

Axway Track & Trace is a GS1 standards-based solution that reduces the cost and complexity of complying with chain-of-custody and track-and-trace regulations for pharmaceuticals, food products, and other manufactured goods.

In a single, open framework, Track & Trace enables you to:

  • Associate and manage product master, distribution channel and serialized event data.
  • Provide an EPCIS-compliant interface for internal and external trading partners.
  • Extract and transform data to meet country-specific reporting requirements.
  • Transmit compliance reports to partners or regulatory authorities with guaranteed delivery.
  • Comply with emerging pedigree regulations in the U.S., the EU, and Turkey. Fully integrated with Track & Trace, Axway ePedigree guarantees the authenticity of origin and demonstrates possession as pharmaceutical drugs move through the supply chain, delivering a clear trail of ownership at each step of the process.

Track & Trace aggregates product lifecycle events from multiple sources, including disparate internal systems and channel partner sales data, to provide a single source of actionable intelligence for channel managers. Track & Track can also integrate with your order and customer management systems, so managers can track channel performance against supply policies to quickly detect anomalies.

By associating serial numbers, product master data, and distribution channel information for the life of the product, you can:

  • Maintain a permanent link between a product (bulk or individual) and the initial distribution channel partner purchase order.
  • Allow internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, status, and event data at any point in the supply chain. 
  • Support field investigations by providing remote query access to validate product identification and authorized sales channels using a serial number or a combination of criteria that identifies the product. 
  • Define custom business rules, alerts, reports, and dashboards to create a chain of evidence and help departments responsible for product security or brand protection analyze information coming in from channel partners.
  • Enable your customer service department to quickly answer customer, partner, or consumer questions about the warrantee, recall, or destruction status of a product. 

You can deploy multiple Event Repositories at the regional level to meet localized business objectives, and decentralize data storage and management of serialized events to reduce costs and risks. A central Event Repository can integrate the regional repositories to provide a global view of product life cycle events across the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance and other business objectives.

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Counterfeiting has gone way beyond “knockoffs” of designer purses and name-brand sunglasses. Today, sophisticated schemes target a broad range of products around the world, introducing new dangers in markets such as pharmaceuticals, consumer electronics, and car/plane replacement parts. This raises the stakes, because it’s not just revenues and corporate images that are threatened — consumer health and safety are also at risk.

  • Analysts estimate that nearly 10 percent of the drugs sold worldwide are counterfeit, posing a significant risk to patient safety and brand revenue. Given the global nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain, manufacturers are struggling with the growing complexity and cost of deploying regional compliance solutions.
  •  For consumer goods suppliers, such as computer OEMs, counterfeits do significant damage to revenues and brand reputation, and often go undetected until the bogus warranty claims come flooding in.
  • For automotive and aircraft replacement parts, counterfeits that are manufactured in violation of trademark, refurbished but not disclosed as such, repackaged without authorization, or assembled with unauthorized component parts erode profits and jeopardize public safety.

Axway Track & Trace combats counterfeiting with an open, flexible, and efficient business activity monitoring solution for capturing and managing end-to-end supply chain events. By associating business context, product, and customer master data, event data used to monitor processes is transformed into actionable intelligence that is available to all trusted partners in the chain.

By providing clear visibility into what is happening in you distribution channels, Track & Trace enables you to:

  • Maintain a permanent link between a product (bulk or individual) and the initial distribution channel partner purchase order.
  • Allow internal and external trusted parties to access product identification, location, status, and event data at any point in the supply chain. 
  • Ensure compliance with existing and emerging track and trace regulations, such as ePedigree.
  • Support field investigations by providing remote query access to validate product identification and authorized sales channels using a serial number or a combination of criteria that identifies the product. 
  • Reduce revenue loss, mitigate brand risk, and protect consumers by quickly identifying suspect product in the market, and rapidly initiating targeted recalls if necessary.
  • Immediately identify invalid warranty claims.
  • Define custom business rules, alerts, reports, and dashboards to help departments responsible for product security or brand protection analyze information coming in from the field.
  • Enable your customer service department to quickly answer customer, partner, or consumer questions about the warrantee, recall, or destruction status of a product

You can deploy multiple Event Repositories at the regional level to meet localized business objectives, and decentralize data storage and management of serialized events to reduce costs and risks. A central Event Repository can integrate the regional repositories to provide a global view of product life cycle events across the enterprise in support of regulatory compliance and other business objectives.

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Business Visibility

In any business interaction, data is a living, breathing entity. Whether it supports an order, claims, or payment transaction, represents your products and services, or actually is your product or service, every bit of data supports a business process lifecycle that has a beginning and an end. Gaining more agility and value from your existing IT assets requires contextual and process-based visibility into how it moves throughout your trading community ecosystem — from start to finish.

Axway technology solutions deliver the right information, in the right context, to the right people, at the right time. The result is a superb level of corporate visibility that enables your IT staff, your business managers, and your trading partners to monitor, track, analyze, and manage exceptions to all types of interactions, including:

  • Email and ad hoc file exchange between individuals
  • Business-to-business transactions
  • Automated and manual file transfer across diverse communities, cross-platform integrations, and disparate IT environments
  • Business events, messages, and more

Event-based monitoring and alerts empower different groups within your community to see what is relevant to them at all times. You can allow customers to track their own orders, suppliers to monitor fulfillment, IT to monitor exceptions, and line of business managers to measure performance against SLAs.

Armed with a wealth of real-time information, community members can work together to reconcile and resolve issues before they negatively impact business relationships. And, by tracking and analyzing interactions and policy violations over time, both IT and business managers can adaptively streamline automated processes and direct human resources where they’re needed most.

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Axway Outbound Protection for Proven Data Loss Prevent

Most high-cost security incidents occur when data from inside an organization somehow leaks out. And with confidential customer data, intellectual property, and sensitive financial data only a keystroke away from dissemination via email, virtually every organization is at risk. Whether security policies are violated inadvertently or maliciously, information leakage can cause serious damage – from costly lawsuits and regulatory fines to loss of customer trust and ultimately lost business.

Leaks involving personal or financial data about customers or employees, confidential business information, and intellectual property can violate any number of laws that require companies to guarantee the security and privacy of information that is electronically stored, maintained, or transmitted. Examples include:

  • U.S. state-specific encryption laws such as California’s SB 1386 and Massachusetts’ 201 CMR 17.00 (businesses may be subject to these laws even if they are not based in either state)
  • Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • U.S. Patriot Act
  • Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX)
  • European Union Data Protection Directive (Directive 95/46/EC)
  • Personal Data Protection Law – Japan
  • Law on the Promotion of Utilisation of Information and Communication Networks and the Protection of Data – South Korea
  • Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act – Australia

With MailGate outbound data loss prevention (DLP), organizations can:

  • Define and manage email security policies to ensure compliance with corporate policies and industry and government regulations. Intuitive policy controls make it easy to enforce rules around content, users, recipients, and attachments, while providing the widest range of policy actions, from blocking to re-routing to encryption.
  • Filter the content of all outbound messages and attachments to identify and prevent sensitive, questionable, or confidential information from leaving your email network. MailGate’s simple check-box user interface filters content to identify confidential information such as credit card, Social Security and CUSIP numbers, and PINs, reducing the complexities associated with protecting your organization’s sensitive, proprietary, and regulated data.

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Robust Inbound Threat Protection

MailGate improves network performance and employee productivity, and reduces your liabilities and risks by adding a vital layer of protection against inbound threats on top of existing network security solutions and email firewalls. Without requiring changes to your existing enterprise systems, applications, protocols, or end-user procedures, MailGate can:

  • Detect and eliminate damaging viruses and code that can cripple the network, bring everyday operations to a screeching halt and potentially cost millions of dollars. MailGate virus protection thwarts viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, and other forms of malware/crimeware at the gateway through advanced Kaspersky or McAfee antivirus engines. You can also develop custom virus-scanning policies and block selected unauthorized file attachments and executables.
  • Block unwanted email that creates significant problems in terms of legal liability, lost employee productivity, and strained network and IT resources. MailGate’s layered antispam filtering technologies effectively block more than 99 percent of all inbound spam, with virtually no false positives.
  • Prevent unauthorized network access that today more than ever poses immeasurable risk to valuable corporate assets, including sensitive customer and partner information, financial data, and intellectual capital. Network breaches can result in costly lawsuits, damaged reputations, and ultimately, lost revenue. MailGate’s Intelligent Edge Defense capabilities effectively eliminate up to 90 percent of unwanted email traffic before it enters your network.

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Axway Validation Authority Server

At the core of the VA Suite is VA Server, a sophisticated digital certificate status responder that is Certification Authority (CA)-neutral and provides support for multiple CAs, several different trust models, and CA-specific validation policies.

VA Server maintains a store of digital certificate revocation data by obtaining the Certificate Revocation List (CRL) and, optionally, serial numbers from the issuing CA. To validate a digital certificate, a client application can query the VA Server rather than having to perform the cumbersome task of obtaining and processing the entire CRL every time it encounters a digital certificate.

Client applications can query VA Server utilizing various open standard protocols (OCSP, SCVP, CMP, VACRL), which allows them to delegate the entire certificate validation and certificate revocation operation, including path construction and intermediate CA validation, to the VA Server. For tactical environments, or where bandwidth is limited, VA also offers support for protocols like Compact CRL and VACRL that allow the server to convert CA-issued CRLs – which can creep up to 40+ MB for mature Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) – into revocation data that has a much smaller footprint.

VA Server offers numerous advanced features that make it the ideal solution for customers who need a high-performance and high-availability solution proven in a wide range of application environments

VA-to-VA mirroring(replication)

VA Mirroring provides support for backup, load balancing, and failover by replicating the same certificate revocation data across a cluster of VA Servers. Mirroring enables revocation data from a source VA to be replicated via a secure push or pull synchronization mechanism to one or more destination VA. Replicated revocation data can consist of pre-computed OCSP responses, CA-generated full CRLs, or delta CRLs representing the changes between two full CA-signed CRLs, VA-manufactured delta CRLs representing the needs of the destination, or VA-generated CRLs based on instant local revocation (either by the VA administrator or by a CMP message).

Distributed repeater-responder caching

The distributed VA responder-repeater caching architecture maintains a cache loaded with OCSP responses that are pre-computed or dynamically built up by proxy client requests to a responder. Repeaters also support VA-to-VA mirroring and can cache revocation data in VACRL or Compact CRL form. Axway’s Compact CRL or VACRL protocols support clients that want to maintain their own revocation data caches for backup. This functionality is highly useful in low-bandwidth environments or environments where real-time network access is not possible at all times.
Since a repeater does not need to perform cryptographic operations (the cached responses are digitally signed by the responder), it does not require additional cryptographic hardware support, offering a cost effective way for organizations to scale their digital certificate validation infrastructure for performance and availability. Repeaters do not contain any sensitive key material and can easily reside in a different administrative domain than the responder server, allowing the responder to be secured using a firewall or air gap. The Axway VA Repeater, however, does use a FIPS 140-2 certified software cryptographic kernel for operations like signature verification and path validation.

Multi-platform solution

Additionally, the VA product line includes the Axway VA Repeater Appliance and Repeater Servlet. The VA Repeater Appliance is a hardware-software appliance solution, leveraging Axway’s secure, hardened Linux-based platform, and also available for Windows. The VA Repeater Appliance can be installed in less than thirty minutes, offering organizations the lowest total cost of ownership and an ideal solution for distributed computing environments. The Repeater Servlet provides a light-weight solution for deploying a high-scale, high-reliability digital certificate infrastructure, leveraging the platform independence of Java. The Repeater Servlet is an ideal solution for distributed hosted computing environments.

Robust security and non-repudiation

VA Server supports a range of security features such as SSL-based communications with clients, digitally signed client requests/responses, and digitally signed XML logs and CRL archives, as well as SSL-based server administration. To enhance the performance of these features, VA Server supports software, PKCS #11, and CAPI token-based hardware signing and encryption products, including FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and Level 4-compliant hardware security modules, from all leading vendors.

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Validation Authority Server Validator

VA Server Validator is a flexible client application that enables digital certificate validation on the most widely used secure Web servers and Web application servers available on UNIX, Windows, and Apple platforms, including:

  • Apache
  • Oracle Application Server
  • Red Hat Strong Hold
  •  BEA WebLogic
  • IBM Lotus Domino
  • SUN Web Server

VA Server Validator utilizes the native interfaces of these Web and application servers to add digital certificate validation functionality as part of the product’s PKI-based client authentication. Working as a plug-in, Server Validator can query a VA Server (or any other standards-based digital certificate validation responder) using a variety of protocols, or utilize a Certificate Revocation List (CRL) to determine the status of a digital certificate presented by a client. Clients with revoked, invalid or expired certificates are denied access to the server or application.

Server Validator enables digital certificate validation via standard protocol queries to a VA Server (or other standards-based responder) or via CRL lookups, the reliability and performance of which can be greatly improved by using the VA Server and the Axway VACRL protocol to distribute CA or VA manufactured CRLs and delta CRLs to SV enabled application servers.

Robust security and non-repudiation

Server Validator is Certificate Authority (CA)-neutral and can process CRL data from multiple CA or VA sources to support complex trust models and certificate policy controls for path processing and policy enforcement. It will perform end-to-end certificate validation if one or more intermediate CAs are used and the validation policy requires a complete certificate chain validation.

Server Validator can communicate securely with VA Server utilizing SSL/TLS, and digitally sign requests to the VA server for deployments that require a high degree of auditability and non-repudiation. Server Validator also supports cryptographic hardware security modules (HSMs) via the standard PKCS #11 interface, including FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and 4, which can be used to accelerate digital signing and SSL/TLS operations.

Validation caches

Server Validator provides support for two separate, configurable validation caches. One is an in-memory repository of all certificate validation requests, regardless of the validation mechanism. The other is a disk-resident CRL repository. Caching parameters, including the time-to-live of response and the total size of the cache, are flexible to meet the requirements of a specific deployment. Caching can improve performance and increase reliability in environments where the underlying network is not always available. Server Validator also offers a robust failover mechanism for querying multiple VA Servers or CRL repositories.

Automatic configuration

Server Validator can be automatically configured using parameters obtained from one or more Axway VA servers, precluding administrators from having to manually fetch the signing credentials of each instance. This integration greatly facilitates the operation of Server Validator in large-scale application deployments.

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Validation Authority Desktop Validator

VA Desktop Validator is a flexible client solution that enables digital certificate validation in the most commonly used Microsoft Windows-based desktop and server applications. Integrating seamlessly with any Microsoft Cryptographic API (CAPI)-compliant client or server application, Desktop Validator:

  • Validates digital certificates encountered by PKI-enabled Windows applications via CRL lookups or standard protocol queries to a VA Server or other standards-based responder.
  • Supports default and CA-specific digital certificate validation rules, and tightly integrates with the VA Server for automatic configuration.
  • Provides a robust failover mechanism that supports multiple sources of revocation information.
  • Is highly available and can be remotely installed, configured, and maintained using applications such as Microsoft SMS/SCCM Unicenter, or Microsoft Active Directory.
  • Supports single sign-on applications based on digital certificates stored on smart cards such as the DoD Common Access Card, Federal Personal Identity Verification card, e-Health insurance card, e-Health patient card, and e-Identity (eID).
  • Enables secure workflow applications based on digitally signed documents and secure email (S/MIME) messages.

Desktop Validator enables secure workflow applications based on digitally signed documents and secure email (S/MIME) messages.

Desktop Validator (DV) leverages the native Microsoft Windows Cryptographic API (CAPI) so it can transparently provide digital certificate validation to CAPI enabled client or server applications. DV enables digital certificate validation via standard protocol queries to a VA Server (or other standards-based responder) or via CRL lookups. The reliability and performance of CRL lookups can be greatly improved by using the VA Server and the Axway VACRL protocol to distribute CA or VA manufactured CRLs and delta CRLs to DV enabled systems.

A key application of DV is smart card login. To enable Axway’s revocation checking for users' smart card certificates, DV Enterprise is installed on the Domain Controller and DV Standard is installed on the client systems. DV can check for revocation status using different protocols, CRLs, or utilize it cache to ensure performance and a high degree of reliability.

Robust security and non-repudiation

Desktop Validator is Certification Authority (CA)-neutral and can process CRL data from multiple CA or VA sources to support complex trust models and certificate policy controls for path processing and policy enforcement. It will perform end-to-end certificate validation if one or more intermediate CAs are used and the validation policy requires a complete certificate chain validation.

Desktop Validator can communicate securely with VA Server utilizing SSL/TLS, and digitally sign requests to the VA server for deployments that require a high degree of auditability and non-repudiation. Desktop Validator also supports cryptographic hardware security modules (HSMs) via the standard PKCS #11 interface, including FIPS 140-2 Level 2, 3 and 4, which can be used to accelerate digital signing and SSL/TLS operations.

Validation caches

Desktop Validator provides support for two separate, configurable validation caches. One is an in-memory repository of all certificate validation requests, regardless of the validation mechanism. The other is a disk-resident CRL repository. Caching parameters, including the time-to-live of response and the total size of the cache, are flexible to meet the requirements of a specific deployment. Caching can improve performance and increase reliability in environments where the underlying network is not always available. Desktop Validator also offers a robust failover mechanism for querying multiple VA Servers and CRL repositories.

Automatic configuration

Desktop Validator can be automatically configured using parameters obtained from one or more Axway VA servers, precluding administrators from having to manually fetch the signing credentials of each instance. This integration, along with the ability for silent, remote installation and configuration using desktop management applications, greatly facilitates the management of Desktop Validator in large-scale application deployments.

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Validation Authority Validator Toolkit

The VA Validator Toolkit provides a complete set of certificate validation functions, source code examples, and reference manuals that save serious development time and money for commercial or custom PKI-enabled applications, such as network and handheld devices, physical security systems, and workflow applications. The Validator Toolkit provides an ideal solution for PKI enabling network devices such as VPN or WLAN gateways as well as physical security systems.

The Toolkit encapsulates the complexities of PKI digital certificate validation in a simple, three-step process that developers can implement through easy-to-understand C/C++ and Java interfaces. 

  1. Use the Toolkit APIs to isolate the application from the specifics of the underlying mechanism, which allows you to delegate validation operations to Axway Validation Authority. The Toolkit allows the calling application to simplify certificate validation by requiring only the client certificate and, if possible, the issuer (CA) of that credential. The toolkit can support complex trust models and RFC 3280/5280 certificate policy controls for path processing and policy enforcement.  
  2. Use the Toolkit Library to enable support for CA-specific validation policies and CRL data from multiple CA or VA sources. Axway VA supports multiple digital certificate validation mechanisms, including CA-issued Certificate Revocation Lists (CRLs*), Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP), Server-based Certificate Validation Protocol (SCVP), Compact CRL* and VACRL* (Axway’s CRL replication protocol for VA-manufactured CRLs). This allows business applications to integrate complex validation policies and governance rules at minimal cost. 
  3. Use the Toolkit Cryptography Library to establish secure communication with a VA Server via SSL/TLS.  In addition to building validated certificate chains using a variety of different protocols, the Toolkit also provides access to communication libraries that allows the calling application to trigger HTTP/S, LDAP/S and FTP/S* queries for revocation status checking. For environments that protect cryptographic data on separate media (smart cards, HSMs), there is support for common integration standards like PKCS11, MS-CAPI and nCipher/Thales CHIL.

Additionally, the Validator Toolkit C/C++ is certified DOD JITC, IdenTrust and FIPS 140-2 Level 1 compliant. These credentials save organizations the time and cost of additional testing and certification. Validator Toolkit supports several different validation trust models as well as specific validation policies.

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Axway Synchrony

Synchrony is a connectivity and integration platform that provides the building blocks you need to establish dynamic connections for your customers and partners to join and do business in your online community.

Synchrony offers services powered by interoperable components that help you manage internal and multi-enterprise integration. These services include:

File TransferCommunication and Routing

  • Incoming/outgoing transfer of any type, size and number of files, quickly and securely
  • Rationalizes  all file movements, and avoids complex peer-to-peer connections and unmanageable networks
  • Guaranteed file delivery and acknowledgements
  • One-to-one and many-to-many file distribution and collection
  • Bandwidth prioritization for emergency data flow, such as health alerts or stockouts

Transformation and Integration

  • Validation of incoming and outgoing data including data type and semantic validation
  • Data transformation from any to any format
  • Content-based routing
  • Multi-standard compatibility with XML, legacy applications, EDI and ERPs

A Governance-Oriented Framework

The Synchrony governance-oriented framework is suited to today’s enterprise. Synchrony components meet the highest security standards while helping organizations manage growing communities, simplify provisioning, establish new data flows and gain data intelligence with these features:

  • IT Management: Installation, administration, IDE, configuration and deployment.
  • Visibility End-to-end monitoring with technical and business views, KPI dashboards, SLA monitoring and audit trails, alerts, non-event support, monitoring of all file transfer-related events.
  • Participant Management: Identity and access management, partner management.
  • Security: Support for the latest data and password encryption mechanisms and all secure communication protocols, intrusion protection, centralized certificate management, versioning, expiration and revocation, centralized authorizations and access policies, U.S. FIPS certified, file signature and encryption (security in motion and at rest).

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Email policy Management for Robust Security

Without visibility and control over the information leaving your enterprise email network, your organization is vulnerable to legal liability, regulatory violations and penalties, abuse of email resources, competitive threats, and loss of priceless information assets.

MailGate protects against these dangerous and costly risks by allowing you to centrally define and manage a set of policies and content filters, and automatically apply them to all outbound email.

By creating role-based rules for senders, recipients, content, attachments, message headers, and file size, you can:

  • Universally enforce communications policies that filter all outbound messages, prevent sensitive or confidential information from exiting your email network, and ensure email compliance with government regulations and corporate policies.
  • Reduce legal liability by identifying messages that include potentially risky language, such as “guaranteed return” in financial services, or diagnostic codes in healthcare. 
  • Protect intellectual property by scanning and filtering message content to prevent sensitive information from leaving your corporate network.
  • Cut operational costs by reducing the need for manual review and archiving.

When a policy violation is detected, MailGate can take a broad set of actions before the message exits via the Internet gateway:

  • Quarantine, return, drop, annotate, add disclaimers, modify headers, or tag messages for future analysis
  • Encrypt the message before sending it
  • Block the message and notify the sender
  • Notify the sender and compliance officer for corrective action
  • Store attachments and send a notification to the recipient to download them from a secure server
  • Archive the message on an external encrypted storage system


MailGate provides automatic gateway-to-gateway strong email encryption for any remote domain, through policy-based Transport Layer Security (TLS) encryption or S/MIME. MailGate can enforce TLS or S/MIME connections with remote domains, hostnames, partner sites, or IP addresses, and provides clear reporting on TLS attempts and failures. Automatic alerts tell an administrator if remote sites are not supporting TLS connections and quickly identify any problems, such as expired certificates.

For a complete encryption platform, integrate MailGate with Axway Secure Messenger, an email encryption solution that protects, analyzes, manages, and reports on email traffic flowing in and out of the organization.

Axway Secure Messenger works with MailGate to automatically identify violations of your defined policies based on the content of the email, and redirect suspect messages to a secure, encrypted channel for further action. This perimeter-based design ensures that all users comply with enterprise privacy and security policies all the time.

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Email Content Filtering Technologies

MailGate’s robust Data Loss Prevention capabilities include powerful and flexible content filters that identify violations, invoke policy enforcement, and enable compliance monitoring so that organizations can demonstrate full compliance with corporate policies and industry and government regulations.

Pre-defined and extensible lexicons of industry-specific terms and offensive words and phrases provide complete, granular control over all outbound messages, enabling you to identify sensitive, inappropriate, and proprietary information beforeit leaves your network.

  • MailGate can scan and analyze more than 300 types of attachments, including multiple levels of embedded archive files and hidden document text.
  • Simple checkboxes enable filters to identify personal and financial data, such as Social Security, banking/trading (CUSIP) numbers, and credit/debit card numbers in compliance with the PCI Data Security Standard.
  • The Financial Services lexicon scans messages and attachments for personal financial information, including statements, account numbers, PINs, and trade confirmations, in compliance with regulations such as GLBA.
  • The HIPAA lexicon scans messages and attachments for protected health information (PHI). The lexicon is based on a weighted combination of patient identifiers, medical diagnostics and procedures, drug names, and treatment phrases.

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MailGate Antivirus

Devastating email-borne viruses can circle the globe in a matter of hours, causing irreparable damage to an organization's communications infrastructure. If your enterprise is infected, you not only incur costly downtime, but your employees can unwittingly spread deadly viruses to customers, partners, and prospects. The costs in terms of lost productivity, lost data, and lost customer confidence can be astronomical.

Axway MailGate provides superior defense against the threat of viruses and other forms of malicious — even criminal — email activity, such as phishing, distributed botnet attacks, and more. MailGate protects your enterprise email traffic at the Internet gateway, detecting and disinfecting potentially damaging messages and attachments before they enter your network.

Our industry-leading solution delivers:

  • High-performance, scalable protection from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware and other forms of malware/crimeware through advanced Kaspersky or McAfee antivirus engines. MailGate can detect and remove threats in all major file types, including mobile code and compressed file formats.
  • Automatic virus definition and engine updates with no interruption in virus scanning, maximizing uptime and accelerating the deployment of cures.
  • The ability to develop custom enterprise antivirus scanning policies and block selected unauthorized file attachments and executables. Granular antivirus policies can be enforced around users, recipients, and attachment types (e.g. stopping .mp3 files). MailGate also provides true-type recognition of file types, regardless of whether file extensions have been tampered with.
  • Zero-hour virus outbreak protection that quarantines suspicious messages and attachments in the critical early hours of an outbreak. Administrators can specify the length of time for quarantines until antivirus vendors provide virus signature updates.
  • A central administration console for implementing configuration changes, receiving alerts, and generating reports.

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MailGate Antispam

Spam represents both an enormous administrative nightmare and a costly productivity drain for virtually every enterprise, and IT organizations are under intense pressure from everyone from the CEO on down to do something about it. And for good reason – without robust inbound spam protection, it is estimated that nearly 80% of email received by a business user is spam. Multiply that figure by the number of employees in your organization, and it’s clear that spam is much more than a nuisance — it’s a serious threat to your fiscal well being. And a significant proportion of this email spam includes pornography, offensive, or hate-based content that enterprises cannot allow into the organization without risk of creating a hostile workplace and facing costly litigation.

MailGate’s layered spam filtering effectively blocks more than 99 percent of all inbound spam — with virtually zero false positives — so users don’t have to wade through oceans of unwanted email to get to legitimate business messages. And because MailGate filters and blocks messages at the gateway, it can dramatically reduce the load on corporate email servers, improving network performance and overall enterprise security.

With MailGate Antispam, you can

  • Deploy spam protection in 30 minutes or less, and eliminate more than 99% of spam — with a false-positive rate of only 1 in 100,000 – so you’ll never lose a business message.
  • Set up filters based on your unique spam definitions.
  • Significantly reduce IT overhead and administrative costs with a single anti-spam solution.
  • Automatically receive spam definition updates, even every hour if you choose.
  • Improve employee productivity by preventing spam from reaching their inboxes.

Cloud-Based Dynamic Antispam Technologies

Spam is a particularly hard problem to solve, because determined spammers are continually inventing new techniques to "outsmart" the latest defenses, making it difficult to even define spam, let alone block it. But Axway’s powerful array of cloud-based dynamic antispam technologies can put you ahead of the game:

  • Axway Message Protection Lab: Using a combination of detailed human review and artificial intelligence-enhanced techniques, Axway’s Message Protection Lab analyzes more than 400 million messages every day to identify new spam trends and tactics. Axway experts then quickly create new proactive and reactive measures to combat them, including meticulous content, image, and attachment analysis, and rules-based heuristics. Similarly to the way antivirus engines work, automated updates are published to Axway MailGate Antispam filters as often as every hour, 24x7. And to minimize false positives in a global business environment, the Lab analyzes both spam and legitimate email gathered internationally and provided by enterprise customers.
  • IP Reputation Services: Correlates and identifies spam outbreaks across multiple IP addresses, even if they have been recently hijacked and have no existing negative reputation.
  • Recurrent Pattern Detection: Because spammers frequently manipulate message content in an attempt to slip by content filters, MailGate also uses Recurrent Pattern Detection (RPD) technology to analyze real-time outbreak information while ignoring individual message content. MailGate can also apply policies you define based on your unique spam definitions.

Some antispam solutions require time-consuming and management-intensive rules, blacklists, or signatures. MailGate uses intelligent language-based technology to recognize spam like a human reader would, intercept it at the gateway, and prevent it from entering the network and impacting email servers.

Low-cost, Easy Set Up and Administration

MailGate Antispam allows you to quickly realize real savings through fast installation, low maintenance, reduced infrastructure, and best-in-class performance. Your end users don’t need to do a thing to experience the benefits.

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Robust Botnet Security with intelligent Edge Defense

MailGate Intelligent Edge Defense module combines anomaly detection and rate throttling with real-time zombie detection and IP reputation services to provide an effective defense against distributed botnet attacks. This unique combination of capabilities correlates and identifies spam outbreaks across multiple IP addresses, even if they have been recently hijacked and have no existing negative reputation.

The Intelligent Edge Defense module reduces raw email loads by more than 90 percent by eliminating directory harvest attacks, email denial-of-service attacks, malformed SMTP packets, invalid recipient addresses, and other forms of malicious and invalid messages. And by verifying valid recipients at the perimeter, MailGate enables you to create IP-based block and allow lists, identify suspicious senders, and apply intelligent traffic shaping and message throttling for invalid messages.

MailGate’s Domain Keys Identified Mail (DKIM) technology authenticates user email domains to ensure senders are who they say they are within an organization. Bounce Address Tag Validation (BATV) is a powerful antidote to the recent proliferation of non-delivery email attacks, in which spammers spoof individual email addresses for use in spam activities.

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Axway B2B Gateways

As an integral interface to your customers and partners, and a strategic foundation for supporting your revenue streams, MFT and B2B connections are vital to the success of your business. But in many cases, gaining control over file-transfer chaos is like herding cats – it’s nearly impossible.

A wide variety of MFT patterns and use cases handled through a combination of point-to-point processes, vanilla FTP sites, cobbled-together quick fixes, and expensive legacy mechanisms such as leased lines, frame relay connections, and modem pools has created virtual anarchy for many enterprises, especially as the volume of data and the number of partners and processes grows, and standards continue to evolve. In addition, emerging interaction patterns such as human-to-human and human-to-system are compounding complexity with requirements for new systems, management, and governance.

Disjointed connections not only place strain on your infrastructure, your budget, and your staff, but they also open up security holes that put data at risk and undermine compliance with government and industry regulations. And because they are hard to manage, they can’t adequately support your business process requirements or give you the visibility you need to track communications and transactions and quickly address issues when they arise.

The time to move from the reactive projects that have fueled the chaos to a strategic approach is now. Axway B2B gateways bring order to chaos with the industry’s most comprehensive enterprise MFT solutions. They enable you to create manageable, secure, and auditable two-way communications channels over the Internet and private IP networks — with anyone you do business with.

With an Axway B2B gateway providing centralized governance for your entire file-transfer infrastructure, you can:

  • Automate the flow of information with customers, suppliers, distributors, and partners — without the high cost of VANs, additional infrastructure, or proprietary software.
  • Upgrade and consolidate connections with a multi-tiered enterprise-class architecture that easily scales to support increasing data volumes, expansion across multiple business units, and growing customer and partner communities.
  • Ensure that your data is secured in transit, in the DMZ, and at rest on the server, regardless of the underlying transport network. All user connections are strongly authenticated and data integrity and guaranteed delivery are assured — whether the user makes infrequent transfers via a Web browser or EndPoint client such as Axway Secure Client, or uses client automation for batch and scheduled transfers.
  • Align and enforce your compliance efforts with internal efficiency and automation initiatives that reduce costs.
  • Utilize industry-recognized standards such as ebMS, EDIINT (ASx). For many years, Axway has been the reference standard for Drummond Group’s eBusinessReady™ program, allowing companies to migrate their partners and customers from expensive EDI VANs and async/bisync dial-up connections to a low-cost Internet-based MFT solution with comprehensive security, management and reporting.
  • Offer automated file delivery to complement interactive Web portals for partners, customers, and employees.
  • Speed transaction turnaround times and significantly reduce error rates.
  • Gain comprehensive end-to-end visibility into all process and data flows.

Axway Managed File Transfer (MFT) solutions are optimized to enable secure, auditable, and easy-to-manage Business-to-Business (B2B), Application-to-Application (A2A), and ad hoc information exchange within your existing infrastructures.

Axway gateways include:

  • Interchange, a high performance B2B gateway ideal for organizations that need to create and manage sophisticated B2B communities with hundreds of business partners and multiple business units, across distributed geographic locations.
  • SecureTransport, a highly scalable, flexible and secure multi-protocol directory-based solution for integrating processes, data, and file-based workflows throughout your global enterprise infrastructure.
  • Gateway, with built-in support for industry-specific protocols, including ETEBAC and EBICS.
  • Specialized B2Bi gateways for the financial services, life sciences, and automotive markets.
  • Robust DMZ Security gateways that secure data as it flows into your enterprise from the Internet and out of your enterprise through your firewall. 

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Axway Composer

To manage a growing volume of information exchanges with a growing community of trading partners, you need to be able to establish new dataflow quickly without degrading the performance of the rest of the system.

Axway Composer enables both business and IT users to define, set, refine, test, and deploy enterprise application integration parameters for all components of the Axway Synchrony Platform. It supports single-point definition and administration for all integration requirements using time- and environment-conditioned versioning with complete, object life-cycle validation and checking, and advanced simulation functions.

Using Composer to declare, map, and configure both physical entities (networks, sites, machines) and logical entities (file transfer monitors, applications) simplifies both the modeling of business dataflow and the modification or addition of new partners and communications channels. When a group of changes is ready to be put into production, Composer automatically propagates the entire set of changes, eliminating the need for direct interventions and guaranteeing global consistency in the configuration at all times.

  • Gain end-to-end visibility into business processes through graphics-based management of your system topography that helps lower design and maintenance costs.
  • Quickly define integration services using importers, browsers, object re-use, versioning, dependencies analysis, and other time-saving features.
  • Adapt Composer for use by IT or business staff with Wizards, automatic checks, graphical or syntactic high-level data manipulation language, and drag-and-drop features.
  • Easily update and change system components using Composer's three-tier Java architecture, release management control, and configuration import.
  • Manage large numbers of users based on role, object type, group, etc.
  • Share objects globally using Composer's single, enhanced metadata repository.
  • Automatically deploy parameters and objects right from your desktop and use local commit/rollback to restore previous settings in case of problems.
  • Gain global visibility and tracking of all integration definition activities.

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Axway PassPort

There’s no doubt that exchanging information electronically with your trading partners significantly reduces business costs and human errors. But, without the right tools, it can also create difficult challenges when it comes to on-boarding and securing the flow of information to and from those partners – such as managing digital credentials and making sure they evolve and align with your enterprise security policies.

Axway PassPort centralizes and simplifies provisioning and management for your entire online ecosystem, enabling secure collaboration between applications, divisions, customers, suppliers, and regulatory bodies. PassPort provides a central repository, identity broker and security audit point for your Axway B2Bi or MFT solution.

With Axway PassPort as your enterprise provisioning manager, you can:

  • Rapidly integrate and connect applications, processes, and industry services — both inside and outside your enterprise — to extend your existing infrastructure.
  • Securely facilitate self-provisioning. Available via a simple browser interface, Axway PassPort makes it easy for your customers, suppliers, and partners to join and participate in your online trading community.
  • Provide Axway Gateways and Axway Integrator with data to complete the critical transformation, communication, and security functions needed to successfully exchange documents. Security is supplied through native interfaces to Hardware Security Module and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) products.
  • Manage a wide variety of objects, including type and description of exchangeable documents, network and transport protocols, security rules, certificates, constraints limiting the use of profiles, and agreements between partners.
  • Utilize single sign-on (SSO) capabilities with Axway solutions using an SSO agent, to streamline the login process.
  • Dynamically modify settings and information via the application programming interface (API) accessed by your applications; and customize access rights and policies to suit your organization.
  • Monitor audits of security-related configuration changes and authentication attempts, and manage your PKI store with PassPort’s robust automation features.

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Unlimited Email Archiving Storage in the Cloud

Email is one of the best ways to track discussions and data exchanges between individuals and organizations. So it’s no surprise that in order to comply with a range of governance and transparency regulations, more and more organizations need to enable company email retention for at least five years.

What's more, requirements for archiving don’t just impact Financial Services. Large and small organizations across the board are now seeking to implement some form of archiving, and email archiving technology tops the list due to increasing regulatory compliance, litigation support, storage management and best-practice requirements.

As with any new IT requirement, finding the time and money to get the job done is a challenge, especially in today’s economy.

Axway Archiving is a next-generation hosted archiving solution that provides an affordable, reliable, and secure way to meet that challenge. Axway Archiving is designed to accommodate both email compliance-driven archiving (FRCP, SEC, HIPAA, etc.) and storage resource management needs — you can archive everything for all users.

Next-generation Cloud Infrastructure

Using a global cloud infrastructure, Axway Archiving combines ultra-reliable grid utility storage and elastic virtual computing resources with Web 2.0 technology and design methodologies to provide unlimited, instantly searchable storage that is 100% software-free.

Axway Archiving offers:

  • Support for all messaging systems. Axway Archiving supports Microsoft, Novell, IBM, Zimbra, Scalix, IMail Server, Mailtrust, Keiro and many more, making it a truly future-safe solution.
  • Flexible and reliable replication. A GlobalRAID™ Infrastructure offers immediate replication to eight data centres with optional European storage, and a documented 99.99% up-time SLA.
  • First-rate data security and privacy. Axway Archiving uses U.S. Defense Department standard AES and SSL for encryption, with zero co-mingling of customer data.
  • Unlimited storage at a low fixed price. All Axway Archiving subscription plans include unlimited storage. There are never any hidden fees, so your budget is accurate and predictable from the start.
  • Ease of use, with no training required. Axway Archiving user interfaces are intuitive for users of all skill levels. Extensive self-service online training videos guide users through all tasks. Administrators use a self-service Web interface to configure the system, with no need for engineering assistance.
  • Real-time search capabilities. To cut costs, other hosted archive vendors migrate older data to offline or near-line storage systems, which dramatically increases the amount of time required to execute and complete a search. Axway Archiving keeps all data online and immediately accessible for searches.

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Axway Secure Messenger

Axway Secure Messenger analyzes, manages, protects, and reports on email traffic flowing in and out of your organization. Its enterprise-class, component-based architecture includes a state-of-the-art SMTP relay and powerful policy-based content filtering capabilities for improved governance and compliance.

By monitoring messaging at the Internet gateway, Secure Messenger secures both inbound and outbound email streams, whether the channel is gateway-to-gateway, gateway-to-desktop, or Web-based message delivery. To manage the complexities of user authentication for secure message delivery, Secure Messenger provides both its own password enrollment and management services, and integration with existing identity management systems.

With Axway Secure Messenger, your business can:

  • Encrypt and authenticate inbound and outbound email streams based on centralized policies and automated message routing.
  • Deploy secure email capabilities to any employee, customer, or partner with a browser and email client. Secure Messenger's browser-based delivery methods and support for SSL, S/MIME, PGP and TLS encryption protocols deliver the industry’s most accessible email data encryption solution.
  • Guarantee adoption of secure messaging throughout the enterprise by removing the burden of secure messaging from individual users.
  • Eliminate the need for end-user training for email security key or password management.
  • Automate and track message delivery all the way to the recipient’s desktop to create a documented "paper trail" for email compliance and auditing purposes.
  • Provide True Message Recall, enabling senders to recall misaddressed, incomplete, or obsolete messages they no longer want to be available to the recipient.
  • Archive and retrieve messages to prevent legal sanctions and e-discovery costs.
  • Leverage existing email infrastructures for authentication and role discovery.
  • Protect sensitive information right from the desktop, with Desktop Messenger.
  • Easily integrate a branded, secure email application into existing enterprise portals.
  • Maintain functionality and restore lost data in the event of server catastrophes and system failures with disaster recovery and high availability capabilities.

Solving all your email security issues with one comprehensive solution, Axway Secure Messenger is delivered as part of a hardened, IPv6-supported Linux appliance -- Axway MailGate, an enterprise-grade inbound/outbound email security solution. License email hygiene and secure messaging separately or together, and enable both solutions at once or over time as your organization’s needs change

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